Adam was not a worshipper. He woke up one day and saw a wife; he immediately performed a naming ceremony. He never acknowledged God. He was not reflective of the grace of God and that was why he trivialized it. How can you fathom the fact that he listened more to the voice of his wife above the voice of God. Men, don’t love your wife to the extent that you will be foolish enough to allow her word to override the word of God. That was the nemesis of Adam.

Every man that has not learnt to hear God is not fit to be a husband. How many men hear God? If you don’t hear the voice of God, you will definitely act like Adam; you will hear the voice of manipulation.
If you take a critical look at the curse that God pronounced upon the snake and upon the woman, you will discover that there is enmity between the snake and the woman. I was called into the ministry through praying for people with special needs and this category of people were mostly women. I was so surprised that behind most of those stubborn challenges were demons.

Why do people trivialize the grace of God, why do people trivialize the blessings of the Almighty or even the presence of God? It is because of lack of recognition of his mercies; lack of recognition of the fact that your overall well being is directly related to your level of spiritual warfare. Your welfare is directly related to the level of your warfare. How much fire do you carry to deal with the covens of darkness that are meeting every day close to your residence without your knowledge? Some even have the effrontery to meet in your sitting room while you are busy snoring away. When Jesus said men ought always to pray and not faint what exactly was he saying? He knows that the more you pray, the more fire you carry. There is no short cut about it. That is why I don’t believe that the pastoral work should be a part time thing. There is no call that is superior to the call of God.

Men, take note. It is not everything your wife says that you should take. Leadership is strategic thinking. Strategic thinking requires strategic connection. One of the strongest words in the world today is the word ‘decision’. It is almost impossible to make a sound decision with an imperfect mind. How do you have a perfect mind to make sound decisions? Man, how connected are you to Jesus? How many men set out time to seek the face of God concerning an issue before taking a decision? One of the things that man lost in the Garden of Eden is the ability to take the right decision even if it involves choosing between two options. If you don’t seek the face of God, you may choose wrongly. Hearing God is the secret. But hearing God requires a relationship.

PRAY:- Dear Heavenly father I worship and adore you. I praise and magnify your name for your mercy endures forever, your faithfulness to all generations. Thank you for your wonderful gift of salvation to man through your son Jesus Christ. Grant me the grace never to take your blessings for granted. Help me to always take right decisions that are consistent with your purpose for my life in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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