The sin you commit does not affect him. God judges sin because he loves you and because he knows that sin demeans his glory in your life; sin distorts his glory in your life. This truth is no longer being emphasized.

Today, if a Pastor lifts up a javelin anointing to judge sin, he is immediately labeled as being judgmental. Do you know that the sin you fail to judge will eventually contaminate and consume? That is the reason why many parents have lost their children for real. This is because they misunderstood love to mean pampering. No! True love corrects, true love rebukes, true love judges unrighteousness. Parents, please don’t spoil your children. If you are not judging sin in your family, you are failing in your responsibility. God judges sin and he judges sin in righteousness just because he loves man so very much.

Do you know that Lucifer did nothing compared with what man did? Who deceived Lucifer? His heart deceived him and he became prideful. He said in his heart, I will be like the Most High. He never executed his coup, he only plotted in his heart and God banished him. But man disobeyed God outrightly. There is need for men to be very careful. Most men are not spiritual enough. A lot is involved in marriage than most people know. Marriage is highly spiritual and it goes beyond making money to throw at your family. Most men are not carrying enough fire that can meet the spiritual needs of the home.

Where was Adam when the serpent engaged his wife in a conversation? The snake entered into the garden and blew the mind of Eve. Take note that husband is not just a title, husband is actually responsibility. I was so fortunate that I did not get married as a ‘civilian’; I married as a spiritual Christian. I understood every bit of it. I was already a minister actively involved in deliverance when I got married so I knew what I was going into.

A lot of men are not prepared for the battles ahead including the battles of other gardens that are already raging. These include the battle of the garden of the heart, battle of the garden of the home, battles raging over you in your place of residence, battle of the garden of the field where different people come with their gods. How prepared are you? How much of Jehovah do you carry? We need fire of the presence of God. Fire is not something you make and break away from. Fire is something you must grab, contain and carry. That is the type of fire you need in order to operate successfully in the world today where a lot of battles are raging.

Misplacement of value is one of the things we copied from Adam. Adam never placed value in his relationship with God and what you don’t recognize, you cannot be thankful for. What you don’t recognize, you cannot value and what you don’t value will take a walk from you.

PRAY:- Dear Heavenly father I worship you. I thank you for your grace in my life. I ask you to help me to place sufficient value in my relationship with you and make it impossible for me ever to take your grace for granted. Empower me by your spirit for me to work in dominion over all the forces arrayed against your purpose for my life. I thank you because I know through Christ I shall do valiantly in Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen


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