Sunday service


Avoid the following toxic attitudes like plagues if you want to have victory in the wilderness: –

5. Disobedience.
It is dangerous to have an attitude of disobedience. It is dangerous to enter the wilderness without a guide that you can obey. Never enter the wilderness without a guide that you are ready to obey. Imagine for one second – when God told Moses to make a brazen serpent, place it on a pole and tell the children of Israel to fix their eyes on it, as a scientist, how would you have reacted? A scientist would have looked at the chemistry, biology and physics of it and concluded that it does not make sense. But this is where faith comes in. Faith is superior to feeling. Faith is superior to science because it originates from God. The realm of science is earthbound, it is the realm of the mind but faith originates from God. For every challenge you are facing, I can tell you authoritatively that there is simple strategy that God has for it and it is something you can do easily but you have the option to take it or reject it. Somebody suddenly died and the strategy that God gave was to force her mouth open and put some water there. It did not really make sense but the instruction was obeyed and the lady came back to life to the glory of God. On another occasion, a man called weeping, that his wife had just passed on. God’s strategy was that the Sister be anointed with oil. In obedience, her husband did this and she came back to life to the glory of God. What if the man became scientific and decided to disobey that instruction? Yet on another occasion, when we embarked on a particular journey by road, God specifically told me to get a carton of malt drink for the journey. Unfortunately, we could not get a carton of malt at that time and because we were pressed for time, we left without the malt. On our way back, however, we bought the malt and shared to everyone in the bus. At a point during the journey, there was a crisis. A brother collapsed in my hands (he actually passed on). He was prayed over and his spirit was commanded to return to his body which happened. He was visibly dehydrated. Fortunately, we still had two bottles of malt left and that was administered to him in the bus and he was fully restored to the glory of God. All these took place in the middle of nowhere. Obedience to the word of God is always for your own good. There is a level of divine intervention you can never experience until you are complete in obedience. Be complete in obedience because every partial obedience is actually complete disobedience. Every disobedient person is like someone who is drinking poison. How can such a person make it to the Promised Land?

Pray –

  • Lord, help me to be complete in obedience. Deliver me from the self inflicted injury of disobedience in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Grant me grace for the rest of my life to be complete in obedience to the promptings and leadings of the Holy Spirit and to your word in Jesus name. Amen.


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