Avoid the following toxic attitudes like plagues if you want to have victory in the wilderness: –

4. Ingratitude.
This, I believe, is the root of every sin. Don’t enter the wilderness with a trace of ingratitude in your heart, it is dangerous. Ingratitude is the origin of every sin. Some people believe that origin of sin in the Garden of Eden was negligence, they believed that Adam was complacent and negligent. Yes, these are some of the things he manifested, a perfect man at that. He had the toxic attitude of ingratitude. Right from Gen. 1-3, Adam displayed so much ingratitude, he was busy giving names to the creations of God, at no time did he pray or thank God neither did he express his love for God. He woke from sleep on a particular day and saw a very beautiful woman, all he did was to give name to the woman, he never gave glory to God. When Adam failed and God confronted him, he told God “it was the woman you gave me that made me commit the offence”. What he was saying in essence is “if you had not given me the woman, this would not have happened”. That was the origin of buck passing. The book of Genesis is the book of origins and that is why it is called the seed plot of the Bible. Man is always full of excuses. You are never a failure until you begin to give excuses. It is one of the hallmarks of failures. It is so easy to overlook the mercies and goodness of God and turn around to blame God for even your failures. The ease with which people blame God for their failures is unbelievable.

Pray –

  • Lord, please help me. I am sorry. Remove every Adamic nature from my life. I ask that you remove every seed of ingratitude far away from me.
  • Grant me a grateful heart, O God. Help me to be thankful. Make me all you want me to be and grant me the grace to be full of gratitude in the name of Jesus.
  • Show me your glory and help me to celebrate you all the days of my life in the name of Jesus. I give you all the honour. I give you praise, I give you adoration. Thank you mighty God, in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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