God has put his Holy Spirit in our heart as a guarantee that we belong to him and as the first instalment of what he has in store for us.

PRAY:- Thank you Lord, truly I have a wonderful inheritance. The lines are fallen for me in pleasant places, I have a goodly heritage. I appreciate you Lord, I celebrate you for who you are. Thank you for so much love; love that lifts, love that makes, love that ennobles, love that empowers, love that protects, love that perfects. What a wonderful Father! Thank you so much, I give you all the glory.

Help me to remain loyal to you all the days of my life and to keep celebrating who you are and what you have done for me. May I never miss it in the name of Jesus. Thank you, faithful God.

When you look down upon me, may your face always beam with smile; smile of endorsement, smile of satisfaction, smile of approval, may I bring honour and glory to your name in the name of Jesus.

Help me to be fruitful and to fulfill the original excellent blueprint that you have designed for me in the mighty name of Jesus.

Help me to align to your purposive will and guide me by the skillfulness of your hand to become all that you want me to be and to accomplish all that you want me to accomplish. Thank you faithful God, I depend on you. Through you, I shall do valiantly in Jesus name.

God has blessed us and given us all we require to confront evil seals. The seal of God is good ultimately but the seal of the devil cannot be good because nothing good can ever come from the evil one. The moment you discern that someone is not connected to God, don’t ever expect something good from such a person. Unfortunately when it comes to the issue of discerning, many Christians miss it. We need this wonderful gift. The seal of evil can never be good and everyone on earth is carrying one seal or the other; if it is not the seal of God, don’t expect anything good from it. We are blessed beyond curse and part of that blessing; part of that goodly heritage that God has given us is that not only do we have the seal of God but with the seal of God in us, we can confront the seven seals of Lucifer and come out victorious. That is the essence of the seal.


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