Nobody can help a prideful person because the person is already full of self so there will be no more space for others. No matter how anointed a man of God is, the prideful cannot flow. Pride is a well blocker. It is only the grace of God that can remove it from your heart.
PRAY:- Father, thank you for the revelation of your word. In any way that I have been full of pride, please have mercy on me. I don’t want my heart to deceive me, I don’t want to be a victim of lies from my heart, help me not to be prideful. Remove every trace of pride from my heart and help me not to be ‘self-full’, help me not to be selfish in the name of Jesus.
Please take away every trace of selfishness from me. Help me to dethrone self and enthrone you in the name of Jesus. Father, help me to dethrone self so that your grace may shine through me in the name of Jesus. Let your glory be revealed in me and through me. Thank you blessed Lord. I give you honour and praise in Jesus name.
The Seal of deception or lying – This is from the devil; remember that his heart is full of lies. You need to be very careful of what your heart is manufacturing or telling you. Every heart is a garden and if you don’t get it right in the garden of the heart, it will be full of snakes and every fraternization with the snake produces death. You have to fence off snakes from the garden of your heart because once you allow a snake, it will enchant and once it does, deception follows. In the Bible, heart and mind are used interchangeably. What pride does is to blow the mind as such, you need to be very careful because the heart is a very serious battlefield, it is called the battlefield of the mind. Whatever defeats you in the garden of the mind is serious. In the heart of every Bishop, there is a Judas and that is why you must guard your heart diligently. One of the prayers I pray daily is –
I put the blood of Jesus Christ into the garden of my heart and fence off every deception and every snake in the name of Jesus. My heart shall not grow bitterness, my heart shall not grow evil, my heart shall not grow envy, my heart shall not deceive me. I shall never be deceived, I will not deceive myself. The word of truth is in my heart, the word of God is in my heart. God has put his brand, the Holy Spirit in my heart. Thank you faithful God, in Jesus name. Amen.


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