Sunday service


This man castigated the Fellowship to the extent that I could not sleep nor pray the way I should. I started recounting and regretting opportunities that we missed which we should have capitalized on in order to move out of the place. It was in that situation that God spoke to me through a song, ‘It is time, clean up, let’s go, let’s to go to higher ground’. We didn’t have much money in our account, how then could we move to higher ground? I wondered! But I stand to testify that from that moment, the ministry has not remained the same. This is what the Lord can do; it has been from one level of glory to another. In less than two years after that encounter, God moved us into our present location which we purchased and was fully paid for, to the glory of God. We saved for about three years to purchase a bus for the ministry yet the money was too meager to buy a bus.

One day, I was on my way back from a ministration when I received a phone call from someone who told me that I should get ready to take delivery of a ministry bus. When I got home, I started dancing and invited my wife to join me; though she did not know the reason why I was dancing, she joined me all the same! We were still dancing when we heard a knock on our gate and when we opened the gate, behold, a very big bus greeted us, to the glory of God. We decided to set up an account which we called “Accelerated Progress Account’ and from that time till date, it has been acceleration all the way. We moved into our present location in 2012 and from that time till now, it has been one dedication or the other; every year God gives us something major to dedicate. We have a studio called ‘Higher Ground Studio’ which has successfully produced seven albums for the Fellowship. That is what God can do.
One decision, one-sentence prayer, one answered prayer is all it takes for your destiny to experience a one hundred and eighty degrees turn around for good.
The prayer of Jabez is a four-point model.
Confess your sins and ask God to forgive you and cleanse you. Tell him to remove anything that can make your prayer not to fly.
Lord, any sin that I have haboured in my heart, any unconfessed sin, anything that can block my prayer from flying, I ask for mercy, please cleanse me, wash me, purify me. Have mercy on me, Lord, please cleanse me, wash me and purify me, wash me from every impurity and blot out my transgression. Have mercy on me O God, in the name of Jesus. Lord, I ask that You forgive all my murmurings and all my grumblings in the name of Jesus.

In any way, Lord, that I have sought help from where help does not come, I repent today and ask you to mercifully overlook my short comings in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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