• Whenever you are commanding demons and you are not looking down, it simply implies that you are not high enough. Where the word of a king is, there is power. The LORD said, ‘sit thou’, so I am sitted together in Christ Jesus above thrones, above dominion at the very right hand side of God where no witch can get at me. No witch can cross the atmospheric heaven; they are too low to mesmerize you. The easiest way to die is to challenge an anointed man of God who knows who he is in Christ Jesus. The Church needs to get up to that level. Spiritual warfare is not fought with rubber bullets. Some people think that Church is all about getting a building painted white with some hired musicians. Spiritual warfare is strategic; therefore cultivate the habit of praying for genuine men of God. When we are in Christ, the hand of God ensures that we sleep and wake up untouched. Problem arises only when you try to do it yourself. By strength shall no man prevail. It is the hand of God upon your right hand that strikes through not you and who can withstand the striking of God?

    PRAY –
  • Lord, I thank you for the provisions you have made for me to walk in comprehensive dominion over the forces that have been unleashed against your purpose for my destiny. Lord, do not allow the enemy to ever have an upper hand again in any area of my life, thank you faithful God for in Christ, I have dominion. I declare it and it is established.
  • Comprehensive dominion is my portion in this land of the living in the name of Jesus. The Lord upon my right hand shall strike against the heathen in the name of Jesus.
  • I declare that I am unreachable, untouchable and indestructible by the powers of darkness in the name of Jesus. My family is unreachable, untouchable and indestructible by the powers of darkness.
  • I have a wonderful inheritance; I am blessed beyond curse in Jesus’ name.


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