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As a result of disobedience, a curse was placed not only on the woman but on man, the snake and on the land. That is the origin of disease, death, destruction, disrobement, demotion, disharmony, derailment, barrenness, distress, poverty, scarcity and lack. Every form of tragedy imaginable is traceable to this singular event.

However, there is good news! When man sinned, God could have wiped away the human race completely and then do a recreation. But what did he do instead? He gave man a second chance at a very high cost. When man sinned, he was disrobed and became naked. Sin brings exposure. If you don’t want to be exposed in spiritual warfare, run away from sin. When man realized that he was exposed, he tried to cover himself with leaves. But God intervened knowing that man does not have what it takes to fix it.

  1. Blood had to be shed. A bloodless redemption is a useless redemption. God had to make a cover for man with the skin of an animal. Heb. 9:22b says, “And without the shedding of blood is no remission”. In other words, in order for you to have access to what you lost, it must be by the blood.
  2. The first messianic prophecy in Gen. 3:15 says, “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.” God knows the end from the beginning. He had it all worked out. God had to become man in order to reconcile man to himself by dying on the cross. It was on the cross that this messianic prophecy was fulfilled. That is why if you take away the cross, you have nothing left.

To take away the cross is a terrible deception. It is one of the lies of the devil. The Church became weaker and weaker when she started de-emphasizing the message of the cross and relegated it to Good Friday. People talk about the power of the resurrection but nobody wants to go to the cross.

  • The cross is the greatest display of the love of God.
  • The cross is the greatest display of the truth of Godhead.
  • The cross is the greatest display of the mercy of God.
  • The cross is the greatest display of the glory of God.
  • The cross is the greatest display of the purpose of God for redemption.
  • The cross is the greatest display of the grace of God.

If you take away the cross, you will miss the Way. The crucified way is the bride’s message. The cross is the symbol of comprehensive dominion. It is at the cross that the will of man meets with the will of God. Whenever the will of God crosses with your will, may you learn to submit because his will is best for you at all times, in all situations and circumstances. There is victory; the victory is the victory of the cross. Learn to appropriate it. It was on the cross that sin was settled. Everything man lost as a result of the fall was atoned for at the cross. Celebrate God!

Pray –

  • Eternal Rock of Ages, I love you. I worship and adore you. I bless and magnify your name for the generous provisions you have made for our well being here and hereafter. Thank you for so much grace. Thank you for so much mercy. Thank you for so much provision. Thank you for so much love in Jesus name, amen.


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