Jesus is the Rock of our progression. Progress is a sign of life. We need to be progressive. If Jesus is the One leading you, your life will not backslide where you are today is not your last stop, tomorrow you will be in a better place because Jesus is the one leading you. In this ministry, we are making tremendous progress and marching forward by the grace of God. Some people are making progress in the wrong way, if you don’t have Christ as the Rock of your progression, your progress will be in the negative. Many occultists think that they are making progress but unknown to them, every passing moment they are walking towards hell majestically, unfortunately, some of them know this. There was a particular man who was boasting that he went to God to ask for money but God turned him down so he went to the devil who gave him abundance of money. Today, that man is dead. There is a certain amount of wealth you cannot get except by covenant. What occultists do is to sell their soul to the devil. This is negative progress.  If Jesus is the Rock of your progression, you will end up in heaven. Heaven is up and that upward movement continues. We are moving the upward way, Holy Ghost is our guide, heaven is our destination and Jesus Christ is the way. I am always very excited when I remember that I am making progress, nothing can be more satisfying than progressing in the right direction knowing where you are going. That is what establishes you.

  • May you not take any step that will take you back to the miry clay. If Jesus is the Rock of your progression, he will establish your goings. From today, may you have an established walk with God in the mighty name of Jesus.
  • May you learn to walk hand in hand with Jesus until his love, mercy and his purpose is fulfilled in every facet of your life in the name of Jesus.
  • May God grant you the grace to say ‘no’ to any satanic overture in the name of Jesus.
  • May you not drink the wine of success that will take you out of his purpose for your life.
  • May you never satisfy any carnal appetite that will make you lose your eternal inheritance. May you never say ‘yes’ when you should say ‘no’ in the name of Jesus.
  • Make this declaration – I am blessed beyond curse, I have a wonderful inheritance in Christ Jesus.


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