Sunday service


  • You need to enthrone Jesus as the Rock of your provision so that you may not lack any of the good things that follow them that serve God. Make Jesus your source. You know how God took care of the children of God in the wilderness; Jesus was the Rock that followed them, he was the One that fed them throughout their sojourn in the wilderness. Whatever is given out freely is not usually valued that is why a lot of people don’t value their salvation. Salvation is free but not cheap. It cost God his very best. If Jesus is not the Rock of your salvation, there is tendency for you to bow for nonsense. The devil uses economic pressure to make people succumb and he is using it daily knowing that money is a very powerful weapon. If money is in the hand of wrong people, there is bound to be oppression but if money is in the hand of the children of God, it becomes a very powerful weapon that will lift people out of bondage. He is ready to offer billions of dollars for the soul of people and many people are ready to accept his offer because of the level of poverty ravaging the world today. Remember that your salvation cannot be purchased with silver and gold. If God is your provider, you will not lack because he is the inexhaustible source of every good thing. Until you make Elshaddai your supply, you will continue to run short of resources. Whatever God can give you, he has it in supernatural abundance. The essence of Elshaddai is that he is the multi-breasted One; you will have multifaceted dimension of supply and all you need do is to open your mouth and he will feed you. One of the ways to know if the wrong people are in power is when you start hearing terms like borrowing, scarcity, retrenchment, right-sizing, and so on. These are the works of the antichrist. Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. I like the way the Amplified version puts it, that we may have it to overflow. We need to get to the overflow dimension of the blessings of God because the overflow dimension is for impact. However, in order to attain this, you must enthrone Jesus as the Rock of your provision. From today, may you not lack any of the good things that follow them that serve God in the name of Jesus. May you get to the point of before the need arises, the provision will be there in supernatural abundance; before you call the answer will be waiting for you. May God who fed the children of Israel in the wilderness feed you fat. Make him the Rock of your provision because once you are established on a rock you will be immovable and you will not sink. The storm that sank everything around Noah made his ark to float; you will be afloat no matter the circumstances, no matter the economic policy. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Pray- Heavenly Father i worship you. Today I enthrone your son Jesus Christ as the rock of my provision. I thank you Jesus because I know you will supply all my needs according to your riches in glory. Amen.


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