The first sentence in this scripture (Psalm 40:1) is what holds the key. “I waited patiently for the Lord …” The key is in waiting. All that the Psalmist did was to get addicted to the presence of God; he waited and the next thing that happened is that God took over; God inclined and heard his heart cry. Do you still believe that God is Omniscient and that he picks the signals in your heart? Do you know that God knows your prayer requests even before you write them? Do you know that distance cannot stop God, that is why he is Omnipresent; God is not limited by time and space. Remember that God is all powerful; he is the Omnipotent and that is why he is the almighty. God is sovereign over all. He is the Lord of host; host of heaven as well as the host of hell. Do you know the hand of God can get to the nooks and crannies of the universe? The Psalmist did not cry out when he waited, it was his heart cry that caught the attention of the almighty God. Remember that he is our Father. Take note that nobody walks into the presence of God casually; you don’t just stroll casually into the presence of God, unfortunately, this is exactly what a lot of people do, they just stroll in and out of his presence. Many have not learnt to wait and those who do have not cultivated the habit of waiting patiently. You need to be brought into his presence; you need to be established in the way. Jesus is the way. The blood of Jesus is what gives you access into his presence. Philosophers proclaim that all ways lead to heaven; they may be correct to an extent but they are definitely not referring to the heaven of heavens. Regardless of where you take off from in the world, you will definitely get to the atmospheric heaven. But nobody can get to the heaven of heavens without being ushered in. the blood of Jesus is the code that gives you access to his presence.


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