Why do you need to wait?

  1. You need to wait for the flesh to die. Jesus is the way. The realm of the spirit begins when Jesus becomes more real to you than your sin, your sickness, your worries and your anxiety. God is not moved by your worries or anxiety. Wait in this scripture means to keep quiet. How do I silence all the voices that are screaming inside of me clamouring for my attention? There are voices of auto suggestion that are screaming ever so loud even when I am in the presence of God? How do I wait with all the pressures of need, all the worries, all the pains, and all the travails? Wait means to keep quiet; get to a state where your spirit is steady and relaxed.

Do you know that there are people who God cannot touch? These are people who are always tied to self. For many years in our local assembly, Foursquare Gospel Church, back then, I was part of the team who ministered Holy Ghost baptism to new converts and other believers who desired to receive the Holy Ghost baptism. It was our responsibility to take them to the prayer room and minister to them. The first thing we usually did was to exalt and get them to the point where they were relaxed. Over time, I discovered a pattern. I noticed that those who received the Holy Ghost baptism more were people who came with childlike faith; they received the word like children and this you could see written all over them. But those who came pompous went back the same way they came. One of them came to one of such meetings and when the fire of the presence of God fell upon him, he fell face down. Those who are tied to self are the greatest losers; when they attend meetings no matter the level of the anointing there, they never get touched even when every other person is getting touched. If they get touched at all, it would be a touch of punishment; a humbling touch just like the type that Nebuchadnezzar got because some of them actually attend such meetings in order to test power.

Our greatest enemy is Mr self; the adamic nature. It is only the cross of Christ that can deal with self. You need to crucify self. Part of the waiting is to enable self die so that you can see the glory of God. Learn to practice the presence of the Lord no matter how busy your schedule is, don’t just jump out in the morning; endeavour to practice the presence of God. We need that discipline. Muslims have cultivated the habit of waking up in the early hours of the morning to chant for hours but how many Christians have the discipline to pray for just two hours out of the 24 hours in a day? Don’t forget that God’s standard is pray without ceasing (1 Thes. 5:17).


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