It is in the waiting that your faith is displayed. Waiting is an expression of faith and faith is the correct placement of value, God I trust you – you may not voice it out but that is what you are saying in your heart and you are in his presence. Lord, I know that you are there, I trust what you can do, I know that you love me, I know that you are the answer, I know that you can move this mountain, I know that you will lift me out of the miry clay, I know that you will not allow me to sink. That is faith. Faith is correct placement of value in your relationship with the almighty God. Faith is trusting God no matter the situation, it is holding on to God, it is an act of trust. In his presence, your heart begins to speak with chosen words from the spirit. Remember what the word of God says, he that is joined to the Lord is one spirit. The moment the Lord quickens you, your spirit and the Holy Spirit unite and become one. At that stage, nobody can stop you. That is the place of revelation and you will begin to see things the way God sees them.

The only people that God reveals things to are those who are broken. We are no longer seeing this in the Church anymore. People are so full of self even in the Church; they walk majestically to the Church thinking that God is the one that needs them forgetting that they are the people who actually need God. When the Pastor preaches his sermon, such people will take offence claiming that the sermon was a direct attack on them. True repentance is spiritual, it goes beyond praying with your lips, since you know the sins you have committed, it is imperative that you mention them one after the other during your repentance. However, when people are in the wrong realm, they cannot practice true repentance. The reality of Christ is the beginning of life in the spirit. Repentance is a deep experience in the Holy Spirit.

Today, many prayers and confessions are in the wrong realm and the reason for this is because we don’t wait enough to be brought in and quickened. Life in the spirit is the only life God will accept. During true repentance, the heart is broken in the presence of Jesus. Psa. 51:17 says, “The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise”. In Churches today, it is no longer common place to see people sobbing in brokenness as a result of a message that touched their heart. The Church today has deviated from the ways and practices of the early Church. Pastors want to give their flock exactly what they want. This is because they know that they have in the flock a bunch of impatient people whose hearts are actually tied to other things.

PRAY:- Heavenly father, I ask You to teach me to WAIT in Your presence in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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