Sunday service


It is ignorance that makes people think that they have arrived when they have not started. When I started receiving anointed songs from the Lord and I counted up to fifteen, I was so excited until I read about King Solomon who wrote about five hundred songs. I desired this so much and today, to the glory of God, the songs ‘are more than can be numbered’. The only direction God can lead you is up because his hand is a lifting hand. If you are connected to God, you will be lifted, your life will move up; things will no longer collapse in your hand. The blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the blood of total liberation from the pit according to Zechariah 9:11, “As for thee also, by the blood of thy covenant I have sent forth thy prisoners out of the pit wherein is no water.” A miry clay situation is a terrible situation. However, when God intervenes and takes you out of the pit, the first thing he will do is to place you on the rock. Why will he set you on the rock? Anyone who is not established on the rock is susceptible to sinking. Anything in your life that you have not handed over to the lordship of Jesus Christ is not secure. The hand of God is the hand of establishment. The only place where you can find safety in the world today is in the rock. It is wisdom to locate yourself in the clefts of the Rock. Why the clefts? Because that is where you find security. The clefts of the rock are the places where Jesus Christ was wounded and what flows out of his wounds is blood, so you not only have the rock protection, you also have the blood cover. God is not only interested in your protection; he is interested in your perseveration, progression and your provision. There are seven dimensions of the rock – Jesus, the Rock of our salvation, Jesus the Rock of our protection, Jesus, the Rock of our preservation, Jesus the Rock of our provision, Jesus the Rock of our progression, Jesus, the Rock of our perfection, and Jesus as the Rock of our promise. The Lord will bring you out of the miry clay and then set you on a solid rock and thereafter, he will give you a song. Take note of the progression. When the Lord begins to give you songs, the implication is that he has already fought and won for you. Song is a celebration of victory and that is why heaven is full of songs. Standing on the rock, you will begin to sing and you will begin to experience signs and wonders, this is orchestrated by the hand of God. The same hand that brought you out of the miry clay, the same hand that established you on the rock, the same hand that fought the battles and gave you victories and new songs. When you look around you, you will see blessings, testimonies, breakthroughs, victories, progress, success, dominion and so on. All these are as a result of the hand of God. If you can put the keys below to use, your life will change for the best and your Christianity will become more impactful.


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