2019 OPERATION 18-18 (DAY 5) – SEEK GOD

Seeking God is equated to living so anyone who is not seeking God is dying and no matter how the person thinks that he is succeeding, he is only succeeding to fail. If the devil will have his way, the number one thing he will try to do will be to cut you off from seeking God, because he knows that your greatest asset is your access to the throne of Grace, and anything that cuts you off has actually cheated you, so we need to celebrate every opportunity to draw close to Him. If you draw close to God, He will draw close to you. You cannot come to His presence and be far from His presents, for it is in His presence that there is fullness of joy.

God wants to build us up. In the realm of the spirit, the way God deals with man, the way up is down. If you want to go high, make sure that the foundation is strong. And we need this because everything in life will be shaken.

One of the things that the devil uses to gain access to people’s destinies, cut glory short, and demote is one of the things that we are going to get out of the way today. When we clean up, we position ourselves to see the glory of God, the goodness of God, and also to receive His grace. We position ourselves for greater heights to receive revelation, wisdom, and supernatural empowerment that the world cannot give. That is why it is very important that anytime we are coming to God we first and foremost realize that it’s a privilege, a great honour, and that the God we are coming to is a thrice Holy God. When we want to approach Him, we should look inwards, we should think about our spiritual apparel, how do we appear before Him and present ourselves spiritually? this is highly important, you can be properly dressed physically, but dressed in rags spiritually, which is a minus because when this happens, the enemy will have an access and begin to protest, this is why a lot of people pray and nothing happens.

We should set some measurable targets for ourselves in a period like this. What do we want to see? That is what will help you to stretch, and put a demand on the blessings that can flow from up because the truth is that we desperately need God.

Mark 7 vs 17-23 – any time you set out your heart to seek God, make sure you deal with defilements which are the things listed in this part of the bible just read. Defilement is an inside out thing, not an outward in thing, and that makes it more dangerous and critical. Defilement is a very serious matter in our walk with God, anything that is defiled cannot really please God. Purity is very important, purity is power. Just as seen in the life of Daniel who decided not to be defiled, God made him stand out.

There are some active sin choices that people make on daily basis:

  • Worldly mindedness – it is very easy to be worldly minded. If your mind is saturated with the world, there is no place for the word. It is either your mind is saturated with the word of God or you are full of the world. It is so easy to be seduced by the worldly spirit that is ravaging the world, it is so easy to become an empire builder and forsake the kingdom of God. Even Jesus while He was on earth, refused to derail from God’s purpose for His life and so when the people tried to make Him king, He ran. It is so easy to pursue vanity, and miss God. Seduction goes before deception. Deception goes before destruction. Anytime you want to do something in the house of God and you get worldly, stop it because if you do it, it is zero. Why? This is because anything that is done in flesh cannot please God. God looks at our motive when we do things. If the motive is so that you will be celebrated, carnal, worldly, it amounts to zero (nothing) It is hay, wood, stubble. Every body’s work will be tested by fire 1Corinthians 3 vs 11-15. Every work you render in God’s kingdom can either be gold, silver or precious stone, these are the ones that will stand when tested. Gold signifies righteousness of God which is the character of God, silver represents the redemptive wisdom of God, precious stone signifies the holiness of God, so anything you do that does not fall into this is nothing, and is not credited to your account. What is the state of your heart, to your worldly possessions? Anything God owns is secured.
  • Pride – this goes together with worldly mindedness. Pride is a very cheap sin. Vanity is a particular form of pride. How many times have you been vain about your status, achievements, and all that you have acquired. Pride is of the devil, and it is a vertical sin which is why God hates it. He takes it up to resist the proud because it is playing God. Pride is idolatry of self. There is nothing you are that God has not made you, and there is absolutely nothing you have that God has not given you. It is so easy to get into pride of different things. It is pride that makes man feel that he does not need God. Pride is one of the things that make the glory to cut short because God resists the proud but He gives grace to the humble. The way up is down, and the way down is up, anything that is highly exalted, or exalts itself shall be brought down so the easiest way to go down is to become prideful. Pride is one of the seven seals of Lucifer. Anybody who is proud cannot be delivered. Pride is a short circuter of blessings. Pride cuts blessings off.

Dear Heavenly Father i worship and adore you in Jesus’ name. I ask you to search my heart and wipe away with the precious blood of your dear son Jesus Christ every trace of worldliness, vanity, pride. Make me holy, pure and acceptable to you in Jesus name i pray. Amen


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