2019 OPERATION 18-18 (DAY 5) – SEEK GOD

  • Envy – look at the times when you have been envious of those who were above you in anyway.  It is a very common thing today. Envy is one of the things that is producing the heart of witchcraft in people. A lot of people have gone to early grave not because it is their time but because of the envy of someone else. A lot of issues in the world today are issues of envious rivalry. It is the easiest way to get into witchcraft. You can be doing the right thing with the wrong spirit (motive). This motive is what differentiates Christian ethics from ordinary world practices. You are not to envy, you are to be envied. Envy is a disease of the heart, and it makes the bone to rot. When you pray to God, have the right motive so that God will bless you. One of the easiest ways to become super successful is to have the right mindset to be a blessing, to be a healing agent in a sick world.
  • A critical spirit – it is so easy to get into this. Some criticisms are constructive and others are destructive. Part of the responsibility of being a true child of God is to hate what God hates. If you hate what God hates, there is no how you will not criticize what is not right but this comes from the pain that things are not going well. Psalm 139. What is wrong is when your criticism is motivated by envy and other things. Anybody that is rationalizing evil is condoling nonsense, and God does not expect us to as His children.
  • Slander – the times you have spoken unnecessarily about false, real or imagined of members of the church behind their backs. You do not need to lie to slander, telling the truth with the intent to injure is slander. It is very easy to get into this.
  • Lack of seriousness – how often have you been light hearted before God, as you would not have dared in the presence of an earthly being. It is so common today. When you lower standard in the things of God, you are elevating other things above God, that is another form of idolatry. Evil can never be a gentle man, evil can never settle you with good. The easiest way to become useless is to become useful to an evil man, because he uses to useless. If you don’t know what is good for you you will take what is not meant for you. Never you deodorize evil, evil can never be a gentleman. A lot of people go to church but there is no church in them because there is not enough connection. When you follow God with an unserious mind, you don’t get anything out of that relationship God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.
  • Lying – understand that lying is any kind of intended deception, if it is not intentional, then it is not lying but if you try/decide to make an impression contrary to the naked truth it is lying. Lying is a serious matter and a very cheap sin. Lying is one of the seven seals of Lucifer.
  • Cheating – remember all the cases in which you have dealt with an individual and done to him what you will not like to have to be done to you.
  • Hypocrisy – remember when you had prayed for things you do not really want, saying things that you feel that God wants to hear not offering a heartfelt prayer, trying to be who you are not either in the presence of God or man. Your heart and mouth are not consistent. Hypocrisy is anytime you are saying something your heart does not feel.
  • Robbing God (abuse of time) – every abuse of time is abuse of life. Think about the time when you have misspent the hours that God gave you to serve Him and save souls. Don’t spend your time doing things that don’t add up, God looks at it as robbery. At the end of the day how much of your time have you invested in the things of God. Robbing God manifests in so many ways.
  • Bad temper – being abusive to people in anger and later you start regretting. Remember it was bad temper that prevented Moses from entering the promised land. Ask God for Holy ghost controlled temperament.
  • Hindering others from being useful – have you weakened another Christians’ influence by insinuations against him? You have not only robbed God of your own talents, but also tied the hands of somebody else. We should celebrate the talents that God gives.

Examine each and every one of the points enumerated and ask God to have mercy on you and forgive and cleanse you if your heart convicts you of any.

  • Appropriate the cleansing ministry of the blood of Jesus. 1 John 1:7-10.

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