Nothing is acceptable to God including religion unless it is performed heartily to please God. No outward action has anything good unless it is performed with the right motive and from the heart. Young converts should be taught fully and positively that loving Jesus is obeying God from the heart. It is no longer taught in the church that is why you have people who feel that they are doing God favour to approach into His presence. They are the boss, they send God on errand, they command Him. They put their hands in their pockets and say “and so God…” Do you agree it is wickedness trying to harness the whole world under you? Your almighty self, no longer Almighty God. We need to repent; we need to cry to God. This is selfishness and it is the prosperity message; grab, possess. How many people’s lives have you touched? Do you know that if you set your heart to touch lives, you will be amazed how God will bless you. True Christianity is not accumulation, it is a flow. It is a connection that produces Christian character.

Many of us do not understand the four Cs which are the call, the connection, the commitment and the character. By the time you have the call and you get your connection right there will be a flow and the flow will produce the commitment and the commitment will ensure that the connection remains. And as long as the connection remains, there will be a flow, Christian character will flow because the connection is Christ. Jesus connection will produce Christ consciousness, Christ character.

There are three things you can see in Jesus Ministry:

  1. The will of God
  2. Divine dependence
  3. Universal benevolence
  • The will of the Father: Jesus said that His meat was to do the will of His Father. Divine dependence is the connection. Jesus did nothing except what he saw the Father do. Divine connection produced universal benevolence. What is universal benevolence? How God anointed Jesus Christ of Nazareth with holyghost and power who went about doing good healing all for God was with him. Acts 10:38

We are called to be channels of blessing. We are called to flow out and not to bottle up. Not to build the biggest Cathedral. That is Babylon!. People don’t know when they get into Babylon. Please be praying for the men of God. If you love me be praying for me that I will never go down to Babylon. If you have this kind of revelation, you will not mind earthly things. Anywhere there is a perfect connection; there will be a perfect flow. Anywhere, there is a flow, there will be a deposit. But because you are connected, you are not looking at the deposit. It is so easy to begin to celebrate the deposit, the things that will be added. You begin to seek the things that will be added instead of seeking God and his righteousness. Ask yourself, are you a selfish Christian? You may say no, but let the Holy Spirit lead you.

In the world today, when the chips are down, there are very few places you can receive genuine help, I keep saying this. Look at the man that went blind, that went to write his promotional exam and oversea travel, scheduled. If not that they are connected to the anointing that is here. Why did the miracle take place? She called at the time one was strongly connected. We had a program that time, tagged: “there shall be deliverance”. The blind man was prayed for and he received his sight but he was still an unbeliever that needed to get saved for him to appreciate what Jesus did for him otherwise he would have become selfish with his miracle. Selfishness is a serious thing, we need to deal with it and drop it. Reach out to someone.

Lord have mercy, pardon me, deliver me. I acknowledge that I have not measured up properly. Lord have mercy in the name of Jesus. Lord in any way I have been selfish, please Lord forgive me. It’s so easy to become full of self, so easy to get to the point of deviation, in your mercy deliver me. Oh God, wash me, cleanse me, purge me, deliver me from self, and deliver me from covetousness. Help me to get my bearing right. Let my focus be right. Let my connection be correct so that there shall be a flow. Help me to walk with you to be perfect in my walk with you. Help me to depend on you, help me to do your will in the name of Jesus. May I live the rest of my life an the center of your will in the name of Jesus.

Psalms 85:6. Will thou not revive us Oh Lord, so that thy people may rejoice

God please revive your church. There is so much departure from biblical Christianity. Theology that produces selfishness, Lord, let that theology seize. Every wrong theology that produces selfish Christians, Lord, let it seize in the name of Jesus. Grant every General Overseer the correct insight to return to the cross, to return to Christ in the name of Jesus. And lead their congregation aright in the name of Jesus. To return the church to Jesus Christ,  the Saviour of man. And to be at the center of your will Oh God.  In practical righteousness Oh Lord, establish your church. I ask in Jesus’ name.

How wonderful it will be if we use the money that would be used to build the greatest auditorium to place the members of the church on scholarship to university level. Which one is better? I look at the life of missionaries that left Ireland to come to Idemili in Anambra State , when there was no road. They exposed themselves to mosquitoes. They didn’t know if they will return alive. That is Christianity! How many Christians today are ready to do same? To go extra mile for the work of God? Even to minister to their neighbours  is a problem. Are we rich towards God or are we rich towards material things?

Lord, please revive your church in holiness, in righteousness, in wisdom. Lord, please revive your church in richness towards you, in accumulated treasures that have eternal value. Revive your church in purposefulness leadership, in direction so that people will follow. Revive your church in universal benevolence, revive your church to touch lives. Help us Oh Lord in the name of Jesus so that people will know that it pays to serve the Lord. Lord in any way that we have abused our relationship with you, we are sorry.


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