Every relationship can be horizontal or vertical. If you don’t understand it, you will always make a mistake. Most times, parents raise their children as friends and the children grow up to relate with their parents horizontally. There are people you don’t talk horizontally to. That is what is happening to the modern God. The modern preacher looks at God as a friend, God is our Father. You don’t talk to your Father horizontally. The relationship is vertical, when He speaks, you listen. God is still our Father. Jesus never talked to God horizontally. He maintained the Father- Son relationship. He yielded His will to the will of His Father; He never imposed His will on the will of His Father. In spite of the fact that He is co- equal with God, He yielded His Will. A vertical relationship should be a vertical relationship, if you make it a horizontal relationship, you will bastardise it.  Parents make that mistake often these days. In many homes, it is the children that call the shot. The order has been turned and this is abomination. It is just like some churches that said that they are congregational. Where is the shepherd in that arrangement?  Is it the flock that leads the shepherd or the shepherd the flock?

Lord, take away any of trace of selfishness, help me to be God centered. Deliver me from selfishness. Touch your heart and pray: Lord, deliver me from selfishness, self -fulness in the name of Jesus. Let my meat be to do your will. Help me to do your will in all circumstances, in all situations. Whether convenient or not convenient. Lord, help me to seek you and to know that your will is the best for me. Help me to be established at the center of your will in everything I do in the name of Jesus. Going forward Oh Lord, help me never to disconnect from doing your will. Make me a true worshipper; make me addicted to your presence in the name of Jesus. As you bless me this year, make me a channel of blessing. Grant me the grace to reach out, to flow out. Make my life fruitful and let my fruits abide in the name of Jesus. Thank you, faithful God.

This universal benevolence, how much of it are you giving? We will not fail God in our generation in the name of Jesus. The song, ‘shine through me Jesus …… flow through me, vessel of praise make me’ is a powerful song. You are not to be an accumulator; you are to be a radiator. One man wanted to follow jesus, he was a very rich man. Jesus told him, go, and sell everything you have accumulated. What did the man do? He left and never came back. But did you see how he cheated himself? Did you notice that nobody knows his name? But today, somebody is bearing John. Why? Because John followed Jesus to the end. Who succeeded more than the other, the accumulator or John? Why are we laying treasures? Why do we need more money? Have you asked yourself the question? When will you stop chasing money? To build the biggest house in the village?

Isaiah 52: 1-3, 4, 7. Good news is not supposed to be news as such that ends with woes. It is supposed to be news that brings good tidings, that brings gladness, that brings good transformation with some concrete things that lift people. The first thing everybody needs is lifting from darkness. When one’s life is lifted, people will begin to see opportunity. Salvation is comprehensive; breaking away from poverty, sickness, shackles of sin are all part of it. That is why Jesus went about doing good. From today, once you step out of here, look for an opportunity to bless someone. This is an assignment. You have something that someone needs. You have a good news give it, plant it, sow it as a seed. And that is the seed of greatness. You will see how God will water it in the garden of that person’s life. Credit it as a major investment in your account in heaven.

Lord, help me to break away from any form of chain, shackle, limitation or string that bound my life in the name of Jesus. Anything that does not want me to shine, Lord as I come unto you,  I ask that you break it. Shine through me make me a vessel of honour, make me a vessel of praise. Make me a vessel fit for your use in the name of Jesus. Flow through me, Oh God. Use me to touch lives, help me to bring salvation, use me as a healing agent in the name of Jesus. Help me to bring transformation, help me to walk with you. Thank you, faithful Father. I desire to know you, in any way I have reduced your position in my heart, please forgive me. In any way,I have abused my relationship with you, I am sorry, please forgive me. I enthrone you as my Lord, You are my God, you are the Almighty God. I belong to you forever. I will use the rest of my life doing your will. Grant me the grace. Thank you, faithful Father.

Meditate on these prayers. Continue to pray these prayers. Be an extension of God’s hand, touch lives. Help us to touch lives, may we do valiantly through you oh God in Jesus’ name.

It is better to be earthly poor but be heavenly rich than to be earthly rich and heavenly poor.

Lord, make me earthly rich and heavenly rich in the name of Jesus. Grant that my service in your kingdom will not be for naught. I ask that every service that I render in your kingdom will position me for heavenly reward in the name of Jesus. Bless me with heavenly blessing as well as human joy. Thank you, Father in Jesus’ name. Amen

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