Study 2 Pet. 1:19-22. We need to return to the word, know what it carries and celebrate it and place value in it. God wants his children to have a mind that is structured according to his pattern; that is why he gave us his blue print. The greatest manufacturer gave us the manufacturer’s manual which a lot of people have thrown away thinking that they can succeed without it, such people will only succeed to fail. This is the greatest seed you can plant in the heart of your child. The Church is no longer teaching children how to memorize the word of God, meanwhile, the people of the other religion teach their children to memorize their manual from cover to cover.

The word of God is the truth. John 17:17, “Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.” Anyone who misses the word of God will live a lie; anyone who forsakes the word of God does not know the truth. Any life that is lived not consistent with the word of God is a derailment. The Rector of the Seminary institute that I attended compared derailment with the movement of a train; he said the train is massive and fast but as big, strong and as fast as it is, it requires tiny metals called rail in order to remain on course. If anything happens to the rail, there will be derailment and every derailment leads to tragedy. He said that is the life of anybody who thinks that he or she is strong because they are gifted or have money they and so can do without the word of God. That rail, according to him, is the word. The word of God is the way; the word of God is a person. Anyone who misses the truth has gone into error because Jesus said I am the way, the truth and life. As important as education is, it is not every education that produces value, so you need to be careful where you send your children to. If you start teaching your child on time, he will carry so much truth inside of him that he cannot be corrupted by error. There is so much error all over the place, what happened to truth? They now use the truth of the word to suit a crooked environment. Truth does not need anything to lean on; truth is solid enough to stand on its own. Truth is simple, truth is clear, truth is consistent, truth explains all. The word of God is the truth anyone who does not know this and who does not run his life with it will only succeed to fail. This is because derailed destinies are usually the products of error. Every tragedy in life is a product of deception which is the opposite of truth. Every tragedy in life is a product of disobedience and disobedience comes as a result of lack of truth; if you know the truth, you will not disobey the word of God. It is time to celebrate the word of God. We can’t give the word beyond our level of participation.


  • Father, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, have mercy on us, in any way that we have derailed from your word, we acknowledge that we were in error, please forgive us. As we return, keep us at the centre of your will, your will is the revealed word, you have given us the best gift, help us to grab it and to celebrate it and to place value on it so that it can grow and produce fruits in our lives – fruits of righteousness, fruits of holiness, fruits of wisdom, fruits of your divine empowerment, fruits of supernatural empowerment. Please help us to walk in dominion by your truth in Jesus’ name.


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