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The word of God is pure according to Psa. 12:6, “The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.” You can’t carry the word of God and be comfortable with impurity. You can’t carry the word of God and be eating swine’s food. You can’t carry the word of God and be comfortable in the midst of pigs and be celebrating it. You can’t eat the pure word of God and be comfortable with ingesting the king’s portion which is dedicated to idols. Purity will make you to say No to anything that is impure; there are things that must not be conceived in the heart of a true child of God. Your mind will be subject to the frequency of purity that the word of God carries. That is the mind of Christ which should be in you. If you harbor impurity in your mind, over time, you will become defiled and impure.


  • Lord, I celebrate the purity of your word. For the rest of my life, help me O God never to be defiled even by things that flow from the king’s table. Help me to purpose in my heart to walk in your holiness; holiness which you alone can give. Help me to be holy, pure and acceptable to you. Thank you faithful God, I worship and adore you in Jesus’ name.

The word of God is infallible, inerrant and perfect. Psa. 12:6 and Psa. 18:30. Today, man tries to lower the standard of the word of God to suit his error but the word of God remains error-free, it remains infallible because God is perfect. In its original form, the word of God is inerrant and that is why it can guide us and make us perfect and produce perfection inside of us.


  • Lord, I thank you for your word; I thank you for the greatest gift you have given to me, thank you so much for your word.
  • Today, I receive your word afresh and I celebrate your word. Help me to place more value in your word all the days of my life. Guide me O God to live in line with your word and from today, let your word produce wonders in my life in the name of Jesus.
  • Let the wonders of your word be loud and clear in every facet of my life going forward in the name of Jesus. Thank you blessed Lord in Jesus name. Amen!

You can transform your world by the word of God. The word of God is a transformer.

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