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2019 OPERATION 18-18 (DAY 22) – PRAYER II

There is a definition of grace that we need to understand – divine enablement to do what ordinarily we are not capable of doing. Part of this grace is to freely yield our will to God’s will because his will is the best for us. It is from the carnal will of man, the unregenerated will of man that disobedience proceeds. Everybody’s will needs to be regenerated. I am emphasizing will because we make decisions; your will is your deciding self. You need understanding to take valid decisions. It takes understanding to yield your will to a superior will. One of my prayer points is that this year all my decisions will be spot on; I need Holy Ghost guidance in all my decisions. We need to take valid decisions this year; you may be in a place where it is raining (Showers of blessing) and be dry. God forbid! May God show us where to cast our nets. We need Holy Ghost assisted decisions this year.


  • Holy Spirit divine, please assist me in every decision I will make this year; help me to make valid decisions that will move my life forward; decisions that will move my life in the right direction in the name of Jesus. Help me to be spot on; help me Lord, not to make mistakes. Help me O God to know where and when to cast the net. help me O God, I require and need your leading, prompting, direction, help and mentorship in every decision that I will make, grant me grace in Jesus name.

Sometime ago, the Lord showed me a stock to buy at a time when many investors were running away from it, they even laughed at me but I was undaunted. Eventually, it paid off. I wasn’t an expert; all I did was to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. This year, you need to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. Cultivate friendship with him. You will be surprised at how much knowledge, wisdom, blessings (in the real sense of it), peace, joy, favour he has. Some people think they cannot make it in their country except they travel out. If you cannot make it in your country, you may not be able to make it outside. It is not the place that makes you; it is your connection that makes you successful. If you take a person who is properly connected to Sahara desert, after some years Sahara desert will become a mecca for the whole world. Take a man who is disconnected and put him in the white house, after a while the white house will become a brown house! It is your God connection that will make the difference.

When it became imperative for Abraham and Lot to part ways, Abraham gave Lot first choice of where to settle and when Lot saw the well-watered and green fields of Sodom, he went for it while Abraham ended up with the land that was less desirable, yet he was mightily blessed. It is the presence of God that transforms your environment. Your connection to God is a definite transformer that will soften the soil for you. Take a person who is blessed to an accursed place, the place will become a Goshen. You see this repeatedly.  It is not how much effort you put in that makes you a star, it is how much grace (divine enablement) that makes the difference.

After my training abroad, I returned to Nigeria and I was given an assignment that was not very easy; I was to sell equipment that was not advertized and was given an almost impossible target. That very day, we had a programme in the Church so I went to Church from the office. On getting there, the prayer leader asked us to pick a partner and have an agreement with the person. I capitalized on this opportunity and I told my partner that I wanted to exceed the target given to me, we prayed and left. That month, to the glory of God, I exceeded my target under miraculous circumstances. Where experts cannot perform, the anointing of the Holy Spirit will outperform them if only you can partner with him. Connect properly to the Holy Spirit; there are things that the Holy Spirit can bestow upon you that no earthly connection can do.

The Holy Spirit is the spirit of grace; grace to accomplish so much within a short period of time, it can only be by his grace. Grace to succeed when everything around you is failing; it can only be by the power of the Holy Spirit. Grace to prosper in the land of captivity; it can only be by the Holy Spirit. Grace to be lifted when everything is sinking; it can only be by the power of the Holy Spirit. Grace to have three gainful employments at the time when there is unemployment in the nation, it can only be by the Holy Spirit. This year can become a reference point in your life if the Holy Spirit takes over. Anywhere there is a proper connection there is a flow, an improper connection can electrocute but a proper connection will electrify. And anywhere there is a flow, there will be deposits.

The Holy Spirit is described as the river of life and wherever that river flows and anything the river touches is made whole so healing will happen supernaturally because there is a flow breaking barriers. Part of the deposits are joy, fulfillment, peace of mind, and favour. There will be fruits in abundance.

God will harvest praise this year because of you in the name of Jesus. You will count your blessings and name them one by one in the name of Jesus. Because of your connection with God this year, your life will be so impactful that it will overflow; you will touch lives more than you have ever touched lives before in the name of Jesus.


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