One of the terrible things the devil does in the lives of people is dislocation so that they will not connect and if there is partial connection, it can lead to electrocution. Any wrong connection can lead to electrocution; every proper connection will electrify. You need to make a proper connection. This year; electrify your world and the world at large. This year, you will not be a miracle chaser; you will be a miracle producer in the name of Jesus. Your obedience will ensure that you are properly connected. Your commitment will ensure that your connection is consolidated. This is how to be a planet mover; this is how to be a world shaker. That is what God wants for his children; consecrated vessels that his glory will stream through. There is no power, either in flesh or out of it that can withstand the power of the living God. Nations will be shaken; gross darkness will encompass the world but in the midst of it, you will shine.

Very soon your evangelism will be easy because when people see the move of God in your life, they will follow you to Jesus. When they look around you, they will see the goodness of the Lord; when they look around you, they will see miracles, signs, wonders, glory. The glory of God will never be hidden again in your life in the name of Jesus. You are unstoppable.

Darkness cannot comprehend light. Darkness is not the issue; the issue is your connection. The moment I realized this, I began to work on myself. God’s connection requires your one hundred percent consecration; there is a close relationship between consecration and concentration. Don’t collaborate with darkness, darkness is to be confronted that is why the Bible says, ‘arise’. The Church needs to arise. That is the only way to dispel darkness. When you arise, darkness will run away. This year, you’ve got to shine and the glory of the Lord will be revealed and his name will be magnified in Jesus name. Amen!

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