• Let’s rise against the Spirit of jealousy, competition, strife, worldliness working against the body of Christ. Ask God for unity among pastors, Church leaders, in the body of Christ. We come against the spirit of jealousy, competition, strife, confusion, schism working in the Church. We raise the  blood of Jesus against these evil spirits in the name of Jesus. Lord, we release the spirit of unity among pastors, Church leaders, in the members of the body of Christ. Thank you blessed Lord.
  • Pray that the word of God coming from every pulpit will be like fire piercing into the hearts of those attending those churches. Let our meetings become full of the fire of God’s presence again and not social centers where people go to show off their new cars, shoes, clothes etc. Let the church become supernaturally empowered again. When last did you see men roll on the floor and  weep after a message? When last did you see an occult member surrender his occult materials? Lord, we need revival in the mighty name of Jesus. Supernaturally empower your people to take their cities for Christ in the name of Jesus.
  • Lord, empower me with the fire of your presence in the name of Jesus. Empower me with the uncommon passion for soul winning this year in the mighty name of Jesus. Make me exceeding abundantly fruitful in the mighty name of Jesus. Lord, help me to function, help me to wisely invest my time on things that have eternal value. May I never let you down, may I never be let down. Thank you faithful God.
  • Pray for mighty demonstration of God’s power in all our meetings, that it will spread and overflow into the churches with proofs of miracles, salvation and healing. Our meetings will be empowered supernaturally. We ask for a mighty demonstration of God’s power that will spread and overflow to all churches with incredible miracles, salvation of souls, healing and deliverance in the mighty name of Jesus. Thank you mighty God.
  • Pray for the release of double portion of God’s anointing upon the body of Christ, that there will be a great move of the Holy Spirit bringing true revival.
  • We need to bind the spirit of religion and other spirits, spirits that are hindering the children of God from receiving revival into their lives. If you want the spirit of divination, don’t come to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit does not divine for anybody. The Holy Spirit gives you word of knowledge. There are lying spirits everywhere, they are not even as good as the little girl following apostle Paul and the group in Acts 16. She was saying the right things but was using the wrong spirit. May you never mess around with these charlatans who are going nowhere. Don’t let anybody divine for you, they are agents of defilement. These are some of the things that block your heaven and reduce your spiritual effort to zero. If it is not the Holy Spirit, you should have no part in it.


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