Holy Ghost fellowship is not another denomination, it is a life style. Holy Spirit is holy. Don’t forget that if you are frolicking with the spirit of divination, that is the spirit that is guiding you. Those you should be teaching the word of God are those you kneel down to and allow them to see vision for you. When did God stop talking to you? When did you become Saul? Every Saul will end up in Endor and nothing good comes from there. May you not go to Endor. I tell you, there are many Endors around. Guard jealously your connection to the Holy Spirit which is your connection to Jesus, your hope of glory. It may not be glamorous. If Jesus comes today, people may reject Him because He may not come the way we expect.


  • I raise the blood of Jesus against the lying spirits, spirit of deception that is everywhere contaminating and derailing the purpose of God in millions of lives. I raise the blood of Jesus against the spirits of demotion and religion, I plead the blood of Jesus against you. I declare that as far as the east is separated from the west so the blood of Jesus separates me from you forever in the name of Jesus. I bind you lying spirit, cast you into the abyss and command you loose your hold over the lives of believers. Let every soul that has been captured and contaminated be released in the mighty name of Jesus. The Lord will bless you and the ends of the earth shall fear Him in the mighty name of Jesus.
  • I command every denominational barrier be broken and let the spirit of unity be released upon Christians. Christian love will appear again in Jesus name. Let the spirit of denomination dissolve and disappear. What is happening in the church today is an aberration. That is what happens when there is deception, when there is not enough intercession in the church. Lord, please intervene in your church and utterly dismantle denominational barriers and raise your children to love you and love one another in Jesus name. Let there be unity, and flow of your grace, so that your glory will be revealed and your church will be established in holiness, righteousness and wisdom of God. Thank you faithful God I pray in the name of Jesus. AMEN!

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