operation 18:18


Defilement, I say is like dust. Clean up! No consecration, no outpouring. When we are talking about the Holy Spirit, we are talking about the Spirit of sanctification. Clean Up so that the Holy Spirit will fill you. The dove is still looking for a resting place. May He find a resting place in you in the name of Jesus.

When the dove descended on Jesus, it never left. It found a resting place. It found someone who was meek. Today, there is too much pride in ministry but the true meaning of ministry is humble service to humanity. We left ministry for exhibition. We need to return, we need to embrace the nature of the dove. The Church should stop raising lions and eagles. No lion will make it to the third heaven. No eagle will be there. We need to stop motivational preaching. Do you have the nature of the lamb? It is before the lamb that every creature will bow. Did you notice the nature of the lamb and the dove? Lion is an unclean animal. You do not need to soar on the wings of an eagle. No eagle can soar beyond the atmospheric heaven. Where we operate from, the atmospheric heaven is just the takeoff. Let’s get to sitting together in the heavenly places with Christ Jesus. Don’t let any motivational preacher confuse you. The revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ is the revelation of the lamb of God. If you don’t know the lamb, you don’t know the Lord. God will pour out His Spirit afterward upon the true body of Christ.

True repentance within the body of Christ must come first. When the Church come together in prayer, the anointing will begin to gush forth. The anointing is not a thing, the anointing is a person, a sacred person, the Holy Spirit. If you want the anointing to flow through you this year and beyond, clean up! Fight defilement, stretch, go for gold. Gold is the righteousness of God, the nature of God and precious stone is the holiness of God. Silver is the redemptive wisdom of God. Hallelujah. When you operate in this realm, heaven will make its resources available to you. The anointing will flow ceaselessly. Before you pray, the answer will come. That is where we are going. 


  • Lift up your hands and say, Father, pour out your Spirit upon us in this fellowship without measure. God we ask for the limitless release of your Spirit upon us in the powerful name of Jesus and help us to function. Give us the unction Oh Lord to function this year. May it flow ceaselessly.
  • Let’s ask God for massive salvation of souls around us. God arrest them. Let them have salvation encounter in the powerful name of Jesus. Those that need Jesus desperately will not miss Jesus. Father grant that they will not miss you. Remove every veil of covering in the name of Jesus. Pour out your Spirit of repentance  and intercession upon the body of Christ, the body of Christ throughout the world. Let there revival. Lord, pour out the Spirit of repentance and intercession. Let your Church return and let your glory be revealed in the name of Jesus.


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