Eight times Jesus pronounced woe. If Jesus were around today, he will be classified as hate preacher. If you don’t hate what God hates, you are far away from holiness. Jesus did not say that you should hate your neighbour but you must hate the wickedness in your neighbour. If he is carrying the spirit of wickedness, hate that spirit but love your neighbour, isolate the spirit and recognize that your neighbour needs help. You should win him over to Christ. He needs deliverance. But you are not going to join yourself to his wickedness or rationalize his wickedness or be a promoter or partaker of his wickedness and be vicariously liable which is where a section of the Church has found themselves today.

If you don’t understand the nature of evil, there is no how you can resist it. It is an aggressive disease that requires aggression to deal with. That was why every true prophet in the Bible was misunderstood. They saw what others did not see. They hated what others were enjoying and spoke against it. Jesus was so radical that he was stoned. The problem is not the world, the problem is the Church. Until the Church gets it right, there is no healing of the land. And it is like that at the family level. If you notice any misbehavior in your children, don’t condone it if you really love them.

True love involves chastising, rebuking, correcting, taking hard decisions. Some parents fail to use the rod of correction so that they may be socially correct and heavenly wrong. May that not be your portion in the mighty name of Jesus. A lot of things that people are celebrating in the world today are rotten; things that are repulsive to heaven. It is not enough to love what God loves and stop there. You should learn to hate what he hates. That is the true definition of holiness. Holiness involves loving God and going out of your way to do what pleases him; loving what he loves and hating what he hates. These are the three dimensions and comprehensive definition of holiness.

If you love him but you are condoning with what he hates, you are not holy. A lot of people love him and love what he loves but they are condoning what he hates. Their holiness is incomplete. It has never been easy to be outstanding. If you are doing what the average person is doing, you will become an average person. If Daniel and his friends ate what others ate, there is no how they would not have become like others. One of the greatest secrets of success in life (I mean success in the real sense of it) is the strong desire, or resolution to be a God pleaser. When everybody around you is compromising, you should be standing for God. God himself will claim you and make you his delight. You will be heaven’s possession. The resources of heaven will be made available to you here on earth. That was exactly what happened to Daniel. In the land of his captivity, no king ruled without him. Kings ruled but Daniel reigned. It takes power to rule but you need wisdom to reign. It was wisdom that separated Daniel from the rest. The decision that Daniel took was a decision of wisdom that brought him distinction and separated him from others. He never canvassed or ran errands for anyone. While in his domain, he was sought after and he solved problems that no one else could. As a result, he became so indispensable that the kings could not do without him. When are we going to start raising people like Daniel? Until the Church starts raising people like that, it must not send anyone to politics because they will be swallowed.


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