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Some people after getting their hands soiled in dirty deals take part of the money to sow seeds in the Church. Sowing a seed does not make a bad action righteous. This is the weakness of the prosperity message. May the Lord anoint us with oil of gladness this year above our fellows in the mighty name of Jesus. Anointing above thy fellows is the anointing of righteousness; practical demonstrable righteousness. It is loving righteousness and hating iniquity, hating anything that is defiled.

When Simon the sorcerer saw that people received the Holy Spirit through laying on of the Apostles’ hands and offered them money for the power, Apostle Peter said, “Thy money perish with thee, because thou hast thought that the gift of God may be purchased with money” Acts 8:20. How many Pastors can do the same today? You don’t plant an unrighteous seed to have a righteous harvest. Every action is a seed. If it is not right, it will never produce a righteous harvest. If you want to be outstanding this year, pursue righteousness; practical demonstrable righteousness. Don’t stop at that. You must hate what God hates. Don’t take anything that is capable of defiling and damning your soul. Defilement brings disrobing. Your seed planting must be born out of your love for God, out of worship. That is the righteous seed planting that will produce righteous harvest.

One day, immediately after service, a Sister approached me with some bundles of money that she wanted to sow as a seed. I told her that I will not collect the money until I hear her testimony. As I was saying that I was walking out. The woman was so shocked because she came with a lot of money. After some days, her husband came and shared the testimony with me. He reminded me of how he came with his wife sometime ago with tales of woe and how I prayed with them and gave them a prayer assignment from one of my books. By that time, things were very rough for them, everything had collapsed. He confessed that when I gave them the assignment, they were very angry that instead of praying for them I gave them an assignment. In anger, they threw the book away on getting home. About a month after, when things got worse his wife suggested that they try the assignment. Reluctantly, they did it and after they finished the assignment, things started getting better for them. Their business was revived and that was why they brought the seed. I rejoiced with them but told them that they need to come back and stand before the brethren at the fellowship and share the testimony. They did, thereafter, I received the money from them.

Anointing is not for sale to the highest bidder. It is time for the Church to return to holiness, righteousness and the wisdom of God.  Break away from the wisdom of the world which is sensual, earthly and earthbound. The Church needs to be raising disciples that will be like Jesus, raising disciples like Daniel. They are the ones that will know their God and do exploits. They cannot be bribed because they have the right perspective. May we be part of this in the name of Jesus.


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