• Lord, grant me the grace to be part of your true worshippers. Make me all you want me to be, make me Christlike. Keep me above defilement. Let the precious blood of your dear Son Jesus Christ separate me from anything that is capable of overwhelming me.
  • Let the blood of Jesus separate me from any form of defilement. Lord keep it far away from me and make me pure. Help me to hate what you hate. Help me to love you and to love what you love. Help me to flee from every appearance of evil, Lord, in the name of Jesus and do not allow anything that defiles and damns to overwhelm me or come near my way in the name of Jesus.
  • Help me O God to walk with you and be where you are. Help me Lord, never to miss your mark in holiness in righteousness and in wisdom. Thank you most holy God.
  • When heaven looks at me at anytime, may your face beam with smile; smile of approval, smile of endorsement, smile of satisfaction in the name of Jesus. May I be one of those that will bring glory and honour to your holy name in the name of Jesus. Thank you faithful God, I depend on you, in Jesus name.

If you want to enjoy that wonderful anointing that separates you from the pack and makes your ark like the ark of Noah so that when every other ship has sunk in the sea of oblivion yours will still be afloat, and make the heavens to constantly be opened over you, put these keys to use.

Avoid defilement. One agent of defilement that you allow into your home is capable of wreaking havoc in that home. It was one agent of the devil that finished Samson the great, the deliverer of a nation. The Bible is real. The word of God is for your practical application. You don’t know me until you know my spirit. I don’t know you until I know your spirit. What are your connections? Samson the great was connected to Delilah. As far as he was concerned she was an innocent lady who could not hurt a fly but he did not know the she was connected to the Lords of the Philistines who wanted to destroy him. You need the fire of the presence of God because there is a level of purity you cannot attain except you have the fire of his presence. You are the one that will resolve that you are not going to be defiled or that you will not put your hands into anything that defiles and damns.


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