Many years back, a very decent Sister whom I respect so much came to the deliverance room with her husband for prayers. I didn’t expect such respected people to come to the place of deliverance but I reasoned that it must be because they were trusting God for the fruit of the womb. To my surprise, when prayers started, this sister started manifesting violently; the demons inside of her were speaking with violent manifestation. It was more than a case of demonization, it was just too deep. I could not believe my eyes. At the end of the deliverance session, as I was reasoning within me and asking myself, how did this Sister get to this level of contamination, she walked up to me visibly disturbed and asked me exactly the same question. Everywhere you go, there is spiritual dust. It is your responsibility to block it and to clean up. That you cleaned up yesterday does not mean you are still clean today. Thank God for the fountain of the blood as enunciated in Zechariah 13:1. Make sure that you avail yourself of this. That you brushed your teeth yesterday does not mean that you will not brush today. Resolve not to be defiled and heaven will respond and ensure that you become multiple times better.

“Thou lovest righteousness, and hatest wickedness: therefore God, thy God, hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellows” Psalm. 45:7 (KJV). You can mathematize this statement thus –

Love for righteousness + hatred for iniquity = Anointing above thy fellows.  

That is the secret of the anointing for multiple times better. If you love righteousness and don’t hate iniquity, you will frolic with iniquity in one way or the other.

Great things happened in our midst last year – the blind received their sight, people threw away their crutches and walked, surgeries were averted when God took over, evil growths dissolved and disappeared, aggressive tumors dissolved and disappeared, marvelous restorations and powerful interventions, all manners of healing took place. There were transformation of lives and destinies, powerful dedications, promotions, wonderful jobs in the midst of unemployment, accelerated progress in the lives of members, near death situations were turned around, God also used members of the fellowship to stop death and near death situations, among others. These are great testimonies but the one I consider the greatest is that of transformation of a little girl from extreme demonic possession to abundant life. God delivered, saved, cleansed, filled, supernaturally empowered and transformed her and she is now very fruitful in soul winning. However, she got contaminated again because a stranger with a contrary spirit was brought into their home. Just one influence, it doesn’t take more than one.Thankfully the girl has been completely delivered and is fruitful again in God’s vineyard.

Do you know that a simple thing as exchange of gifts can lead to contamination? The world is sick and grossly contaminated because the devil knows that his time is short. Please mind the kind of people you bring into your home. It is as many as are led by the Holy Spirit that are the sons of God. What spirit is leading the person in your home?


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