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Lev. 6:12-13, “And the fire upon the altar shall be burning in it, it shall not be put out: and the priest shall burn wood on it every morning, and lay the burnt offering in order upon it; and he shall burn thereon the fat of the peace offerings. The fire shall ever be burning upon the altar; it shall never go out” (KJV), The Living Bible puts it this way – “Meanwhile, the fire on the altar must be kept burning – it must not go out. The priest shall put on fresh wood each morning, and lay the daily burnt offering on it, and burn the fat of the daily peace offering. The fire must be kept burning upon the altar continually. It must never go out.” You cannot put your hand on the plough and look back. It is not right for servants of God to get entangled in the affairs of this world and pursue lower things believing that it is a promotion. No, it is not. It is delusion that has matured to deception. It starts with distraction, matures to delusion and then to deception.

The Holy Spirit wants to have all of you not some, in other words, he wants one hundred percent of your attention. Your one on one relationship will move up to a point where you cannot take any step without his endorsement. This is what spiritual maturity is all about, it is not in titles or in climbing the ecclesiastical ladder or in the size of the cathedral. If you focus on size, you might miss the rapture because it is not going to be a crowd thing. If you leave your one on one with God, and you are looking at a man of God, you will miss God.

This message should make you fall in love over and over again with your eternal bridegroom. The fire must never be allowed to go out. Stretch for the fire of the Holy Spirit. There is a revival coming that will sift the chaff from the wheat. If you want to be relevant in this new move, you must clean up and begin to have personal consolidated fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

Fellowship with the Holy Ghost simply means:

  • Partnership with the Holy Spirit
  • Allowing him to guide you
  • Practicing his presence
  • Consolidating your walk with him
  • Enjoying his presence
  • Celebrating his presence
  • Allowing him to pastor you
  • Allowing the fire of his presence to purify you

However, you need to first of all go to the cross and die. This is because without the cross, there cannot be resurrection. Without the resurrection, there cannot be ascension. Without the ascension, there cannot be Pentecost.


  • Lord, please help me. Grant me grace. Jesus, you are the baptizer in Holy Ghost and fire. I don’t want to play Church any longer, I want to experience you. I don’t want to dwell on things that do not matter, I want to major on the main issues.
  • Please consolidate my walk with you. Consolidate my relationship with you. Grant me grace. Let the fire of your presence begin to burn, let it consume anything in me that is not of you. Let this fire consume every weapon of the enemy, let it consume every evil seal that the enemy has placed upon my life, let them burn to ashes in the mighty name of Jesus.
  • Let this fire consume every seal of limitation. Let it consume every seal from my Father’s house which is contrary to the will of God for my life, let it burn every seal from my mother’s house that is contrary to the will of God for my life and from my marital side that is contrary to the will of God for my destiny in the name of Jesus.
  • I ask that you baptize me with fire, let this fire burn all the days of my life in the name of Jesus.
  • Transform my life and make me a transformer. Heal me and make a healing agent in this sick world. Deliver me, O God, and make me a deliverer in the name of Jesus.
  • I want to begin to have heavenly encounters. Terminate every woe. Crush everything that the enemy has put on my path to limit your move in my life. Thank you blessed Holy Spirit.
  • I re-dedicate my life afresh to you. Fill me with life and power to overflowing. Grant that out of my belly shall flow rivers of living water. Help me to make heaven at last, in Jesus mighty name I pray. Amen!

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