Sunday service


The anointing for better things will make you sought after. You will never be out of demand. The anointing is already abiding in us. It teaches because the anointing is a teacher. In the midst of cacophony of voices, the spirit of God will guide you. This year, you need to be guided for your life to be better than the life of the average citizen of this nation. If the devil is trying to get you to sin, it is because he wants to block the flow of the anointing; he wants to cut you off from God’s best. If the Lord is saying that you should flee from every appearance of evil, it is because he knows that evil will block the flow of his grace. This is wisdom and that is why the beginning of wisdom is the fear of God. According to Job 28:28“And unto man he said, Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding”. Anyone who wants to go far must learn to travel light. There are things you need to break away from if you want to see better days ahead. May the Lord reveal them to you in the mighty name of Jesus. When the Lord reveals them to you, don’t rationalize. Don’t try to debate; you can never be wiser than the omniscient. It is a privilege to be connected to God. It is His wisdom that you need, not your wisdom. Your part is the connection.


  1. Learning. The anointing teaches. If you are not learning you cannot touch lives. Don’t stop learning. Everything around you should teach you. Every experience should teach you. The greatest mentorship you can have is the Holy Ghost’s mentorship; allow the anointing to teach you. The anointing is already in you and he will teach you according to the purpose of God for your life. He will teach you with the wisdom of God, he will not mislead you. He will lead you in such a way that your life will be aligned with the purposive will of God. He will show you the things to drop and the more you drop them, the more the flow of His grace, the bigger the anointing and the greater the glory. The more prospects.

    One of the essence of oil is lubrication; oil will lubricate your life. The anointing is oil of gladness. How we need it! The anointing will lubricate your path to greatness. The anointing will remove frictions. He will remove the sweat and give you the sweet if you allow Him. When was the last time you enjoyed sweat less victory? It is time for you to reconnect so that you can experience God. The anointing will destroy every yoke; he will dismantle and destroy the seals of limitation. Wherever you go in the world today, you see people creating limits, bottlenecks. Every bottleneck will be shattered by the power of the almighty in Jesus name.


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