Some years back, the Lord gave us an instruction to start planting a seed of accelerated progress; it was not very easy for me to do because that was the time of the stock market collapse. But I knew that I heard God clearly and he even told me the particular amount (it was not a small amount at all) that I should be planting every month. However, I obeyed. What God did was miraculous. He terminated twenty-five years of being a tenant and gave us our own home. Most of the people that carried out that instruction were mightily blessed. Until you begin to look at the technical aspects of the word of God, you will not be able to maximize the benefits. God can bless you incredibly. Every word God gives you is for your personal benefit. Meet a need in God’s kingdom. There is something about sacrificial giving. The easiest way to be prosperous is to align with divine purpose. God has a purpose, God has a kingdom and he is building his kingdom. Identify a need in that kingdom, start meeting it and you will never be out of resources. Remember that God himself is the giver of seed to the sower and bread to the eater. A man loved God so much and he decided that he will start giving God the highest denomination he has with him as offering. Heaven took note. It is never easy to do the will of God, temptations will come. The man stood his ground and refused to give in, he continued giving. One day on getting to the office, he discovered that there was an internal advertisement for the post of an Assistant General Manager. He applied and was taken after the interview. That was a multiple promotion that brought a dramatic turn around in his well-being. After listening to his testimony, I decided to start doing the same thing. Initially, it was a struggle but I noticed that I always had to give. Before any need arises, the provision would be there. God is so faithful.

Giving is living. There is a right place to sow. There is a right time to sow. There is a right season to sow, there is a season for harvest. I believe that this is the right time to sow. We need to break the backbone of poverty that is ravaging the continent of Africa. We need to trust God as our source. We shall lend to many nations and we shall not borrow in the name of Jesus. Before any need arises, the provision will be there for us in the name of Jesus. None of our children shall be jobless in the name of Jesus. The Lord will supply all our needs, (not some of our needs), according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. He will be our guide, He will be our shield, He will be our God forever in the name of Jesus. I want you to resolve to put an end to scarcity in every area of your life.


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