• Nahum 1:2 (TLB), “God is jealous over those he loves; that is why he takes vengeance on those who hurt them. He furiously destroys their enemies.”

i. There is jealousy in love. If you love someone, you will not want that person to be hurt or rubbished. You will naturally want to protect the object of your love.

ii. He takes vengeance on those who hurt them. You dare not touch the object of my love; I will fight back, I will draw the sword. In the realm of the spirit, I don’t behave like a gentleman at all. In management theory, there is something called Peter’s principle. Authority must be equal to responsibility. The moment you come under my ministry, it is my responsibility to guide you as the Holy Spirit enables me and part of that responsibility is to ensure that you are protected. That is exactly how it is in the realm of the spirit. There are some battles that you are not meant to fight. Those who are not properly connected to God, however, uncover themselves and may get hurt. May you not be uncovered in the realm of the spirit in Jesus name.

iii. He furiously destroys their enemies. Get so addicted to the presence of God that he will take vengeance against all your enemies. Whenever any power tries surreptitiously to hurt you or rises against you, the hand of God will be activated to knock down that power. God will have those who want to hurt you in derision.

Pray –

  • Ask God to take you to the level where he will furiously destroy all your enemies.
  • Lord, I stretch my hands to you and hand over all the battles raging over my soul to you. I ask you O God to stretch forth your hand and furiously destroy all my enemies; all the evil powers of my Father’s house that are pursuing me for evil, Lord furiously destroy them. All the forces that fight me in the dream and all the forces promoting evil dreams against me, Lord, utterly destroy them in the name of Jesus.
  • All the evil altars wherein my name has been taken, Lord, stretch forth your hand and furiously destroy them in the name of Jesus.
  • Lord, I ask that you take vengeance against all my enemies in the name of Jesus.
  • Arise O God, stretch forth your hand and utterly dismantle and destroy all the local and international forces, wherever they are; all the satanic networks, every gang up of hell, every satanic locking up of hands, every power of blockade, satanic blockade, satanic embargo, satanic padlock that has been set against me and against any member of my family, Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, furiously exterminate, utterly dismantle and destroy them in the name of Jesus.


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