The truth is that you don’t really know your enemies; when you are asked who your enemies are, you are most likely to look in the wrong direction, it takes revelation to know who your enemies are. You need to tap into the intelligence of the omniscient One, the all knowing God, the One who is not limited by time and space. In the place of prayer when you lift up your hand to worship God, God sends an angel to take care of your adversaries; a lot of programs of hell are deprogrammed in the presence of God. The presence of God is so important, God fights battles we never even knew existed and gives us victories even before we get there. The secret is the hand of God; the power of the outstretched hand of God is limitless in dealing with our adversaries. When God steps into your battle, begin to celebrate because your life will be full of songs of victories. David went to the house of God ten times in a day, no matter how tight his schedule was. Many people love other things like their jobs more than they love God. We need to return to the presence of God, we need to get addicted to his presence. We must understand that we are doing ourselves the greatest disfavour when we walk out of his presence. After David committed sin and was confronted with his sins, his greatest outcry was take not your Holy Spirit from me; take not your presence from me, not even for a moment. Why did he do this? It is all about placement of value. He was a consecrated worshipper who was addicted to the presence of God. He knew that it is only in God’s presence that you can find true satisfaction; it is only in his presence that we can find joy and true meaning to life. It is only in the presence of God that you can find peace and true success. If you understand this, all your decisions henceforth will revolve around the presence of God and you will give prominence to his presence in your heart. This will guarantee that you will no longer lose in any battle because your battle becomes his battle. The God of Israel, Jehovah whom we are serving cannot fail.

Pray –

  • Lord, stretch forth your hand and cut off all my adversaries. Let your hand be stretched forth against all the forces that have been unleashed against your purpose in my life. Lord, you know them, I do not know them.
  • I hand over every Goliath to you; I hand over every challenge facing me and every issue that has challenged your grace and glory in my life and I ask you, O God, in the mighty name of Jesus to stretch forth your hand and cut it off. Cut off all my adversaries, every one of them and give me resounding victories over the forces that have challenged your image and glory in my life in the mighty name of Jesus.


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