Sometime ago, a Pastor who calls me his pastor (I have been his pastor for over fifteen years now), a zonal pastor with the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Lagos, Nigeria, called to inform me about the problems he was facing with his accommodation. At that time, he was just a parish pastor. We prayed and I spoke into his life that God will give him a place. Not too long after that he called to inform me that he had spoken with his landlord and was able to pay some amount of money for his rent while he intends to use the remaining part to develop a land he bought somewhere. He took me to the land and we prayed together and he was able to build a small apartment on a portion of the land after which he moved in with his family. Meanwhile, God supernaturally empowered my family and we started building our own house. Be very careful about parking (feeling you have arrived when you have not started) . When the pastor visited our site for the first time, it was a bush but by the time he paid a second visit, a building was standing within a short period of time nearing completion. After conducting him round the building, he dipped his hand in his pocket and brought out a bundle of money. He thrust the money into my hand and said that it is for an over-taker’s anointing, he said he was tapping into the over-taker’s anointing. I was moved. God used him there and then to give me Psalm 145 from where I got the lyrics of a song, God gave me the song without lyrics and I prayed that God will give me the lyrics. On getting home, I opened the Psalm and put the first verse in the song,

I will extol you O my God, I will bless your holy name,

Everyday will I bless you, you are worthy of my praise.

You open your hand to everyone; you satisfy desire of all,

Everyday will I bless you, you are worthy of my praise

To the glory of God that was how the song was composed. The testimony is that the pastor’s life never remained the same again after that. He was able to build the main house, he bought a new car, he took an all expenses paid trip to Israel. On return from Israel, he was made an area pastor in his Church and today, to the glory of God, he is a zonal pastor overseeing about two hundred and fifty parishes. He is doing very well in his law practice and he is now building another house in his village, a one storey building, where no one has ever built a storey building. There is something about supernatural empowerment. The hand of God will ensure that you don’t remain in stagnation even if you are laid back right now, when the hand of God comes, it will enable you to recover all and grant you accelerated progress. The hand of God will supernaturally empower you to overtake those who are ahead of you; you will always be ahead of your adversaries. I prophesy that from today, you will always be ahead of your adversaries in the name of Jesus.


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