Anyone who has authority over you can actually hand you over to a ‘strongman’. Many times, parents do it inadvertently when they try to seek help from where help cannot come. When some parents discern that the sickness afflicting their child is not ordinary and that it is demonic in nature, they tend to seek for help but the error lies in their taking the child to a witch doctor. The witch doctor puts marks and charms on the child for healing. In some cases, the child actually gets better and the sickness leaves but the child has been handed over to a strongman. Such a child will grow up and begin to have evil encounters in the dream when the strongman begins to operate. This is one of the ways through which spiritual spouse gets contracted; most of the time, it is sealed with blood. It could degenerate to the level of possession. A very pretty young lady came to me for counseling, she was well educated, affluent, a Manager in a bank but very unhappy. She narrated her ordeal; whenever she was alone in her house, she would hear footsteps and before long she would hear a tap on the door and the next thing was that she would notice that someone had walked up to her. Immediately, she would get up and undress involuntarily. After the man had defiled her, he would walk out of the door just as he came but on his way out she would notice that he had dropped something by the door. When she got up to see what it was, she would see a huge sum of money on the floor. Thereafter, she would feel like committing suicide. This continued and she knew that she needed help.

I made her to realize that her predicament was a very serious issue and invited her to one of our Friday services. She kept the appointment and during service that day when the fire of the Holy Spirit fell, the strongman manifested violently, she was all over the place rolling on the floor and scattering the seats. Unfortunately, that was the last time she ever came; she never attended any other meeting aside from that. One of the greatest mistakes any man can make is to get married to someone who is spiritually espoused to that level. A lot of ladies are facing this challenge and that is one of the reasons why whenever I am preparing a couple for marriage, I usually give them serious deliverance prayers, to ensure that I will be joining only two people during the wedding! The good news, however is that Jesus has given us the key in Matt. 18:18, whatever we bind on earth is bound in heaven. If you know that you have the issue of spiritual spousing, don’t hide it, seek help. This scripture is very powerful; make use of it. Learn to bind the strongman. You cannot deal with the strong man until you bind him. When you say, ‘I bind you strongman, I destroy your works, I terminate your operation and command full restoration of whatever you have hindered or damaged in the life of …….(mention the name)’, before long miracles begin to happen. Wombs hitherto tied begin to conceive and have children, to the glory of God.

A particular Sister trusting God for the fruit of the womb came for prayer and during the deliverance session when the strongman responsible for her situation was rebuked, the strongman manifested strongly and started speaking that the Sister must die because her father handed her over to him. The strongman was cast out and today, to the glory of God, she has four children. Honestly, I don’t understand how unbelievers survive in the world today because you can only get the level of authority capable of solving these spiritual issues in Christ alone. It is only through Christ that we shall do valiantly.


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