The destinies of some people have been padlocked in a small compartment; if you are in that category, you are liberated in the name of Jesus.  You are connected to an intercontinental altar therefore no barrier should stop you. If you have been losing in the past, from today, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, start winning.

Because Jesus arose, there is no impossible situation; there is no hopeless situation. That same spirit that resurrected Jesus Christ from the grave is with us and in us. He is the owner of my body. People know about demon possession but seem not to know about Holy Ghost possession. I have the seal of God upon my life and will end up in the home of my owner. Everyone will end up in the home of their owner. I know to whom I belong. I know the way – Jesus Christ is the way. I know the One whose seal I bear. I know whose temple I am. I am the temple of God the Holy Spirit. You have the seal of the Holy Ghost upon your life, this seal will beat down all the powers that want to lay any claim on you. 

There are so many powers that want to lay claim to your life but the power of God will beat them down, expel them and take over your body as his temple. They will no longer possess you; you belong to a new owner. The hand of God has shattered the fetters and the evil seals of your former owner and God has put a new seal upon you. You need to change your confession. The power of God is upon you to set you free to the utmost.

No matter what the experts are saying about your present situation, remember, “thus sayeth the LORD”. When the almighty speaks, there is nothing more to add. All it takes for everything that the enemy has damaged and concluded in the negative supernatural to be repaired is for God to say. We saw that in Gen. 1, the earth was in darkness because of the operation of the evil one. Recognize that darkness is a person. There are five dimensions of darkness – darkness the place, darkness the thing, darkness the realm, darkness the personality and darkness the state. 

The divine prescription for everything the enemy has ever damaged in your life is – God says. One day, God said, “let there be light”. God addressed darkness, the personality. Everything darkness is concentrated in a person. God’s solution for darkness is light. This light is not just a thing, a place, a realm, not just a state but a personality – JESUS CHRIST. God said it and it was accomplished. No matter what the devil has damaged in your life, I speak to that situation today – LET THERE BE LIGHT in the mighty name of Jesus.

You have contracted the oil which is flowing. The oil will transform every darkness in your life to light and bring everything that is dead in your life back to life. You will not stumble this year because you are not going to walk in darkness anymore. Every realm of darkness is transformed to light. The power of the almighty is at war against the forces that want to destroy you. Your life will never remain the same again in the mighty name of Jesus. The enemy has lost the battle over your life. The things that have been pursuing you will never follow you again, not one of them will be able to raise a finger against you in the mighty name of Jesus. When the hand of God is upon your life, not one of your evil pursuers will survive to tell the story.


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