• Mark 16:17, “And these signs shall follow them that believe; in my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues”. Part of the devils you should be casting out is the strongman. The Church ought to be a provider of solution to issues; if the Church fails, then the people will go to witch doctors. This is already happening anyway. The first sign that should follow you, as a Christian, is casting out devils. The first devil you should dismantle is the strongman that is harassing you. A strongman demon is strong and operates from a fortified place called stronghold. Behind every stronghold is a strongman. If you can adequately deal with the strongman, all the other little demons harassing you will leave. I have seen this severally in ministry. On a particular occasion, I gave a command, ‘you the strongman of this house, I come against you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I bind you and cast you into the abyss. Loose your hold over this vessel’. There was a very serious reaction.

On another occasion, the strongman actually spoke, ‘we have inhabited this house for a long time. Do you know why we are here?’ They claimed that they were there to hinder the Sister, to kill and destroy her. They started boasting that they will not leave her. This particular Sister was a Pharmacist; she had no job; she had been hindered and afflicted. Worst still, she was held down by a theological error aside from the hindrances from the strongman. She was attending a Church where they were taught that once you are born again, you are automatically delivered. She was very argumentative when she came; that is of course typical of people who are ignorant. She told us that the reason why they don’t believe in deliverance in her Church was because Jesus never ministered deliverance in the Church (to believers) that he conducted deliverance only on unbelievers. I said, ‘really? Are we reading the same Bible?’ This is one of the reasons why you must be acquainted with the word of God.

I drew her attention to the daughter of Abraham whom the devil bound for twelve years and asked her if that woman was a believer or an unbeliever, she kept quiet. I also reminded her of what Jesus said in Matt. 15:26 that deliverance is the children’s bread, “But he answered and said, it is not meet to take the children’s bread, and to cast it to dogs.” Deliverance is nothing but spiritual healing! Ignorance makes people to argue about what they need most. When she was making all these statements, we never knew that the Holy Spirit was setting the stage for a very powerful deliverance ministration. At a point, I interrupted her arguments and asked everyone to stand up for prayer. While everyone stood up, she decided to kneel down. I ignored her and continued praying all the same and raised a song, ‘Jesus, name above all names, beautiful Saviour, glorious Lord, Emmanuel, God is with us, blessed Redeemer, Living Word’. The spiritual atmosphere changed immediately and it was at that point that I insisted that she should get up. When she complied, and there was a very violent manifestation from her; the strongman roared and everything about her changed. I rebuked the strongman and commanded him to leave. After a while, the Sister started vomiting uncontrollably. The next week after this, she left her Church quite early to join us for another deliverance prayer, as a matter of fact, she was the first person to arrive the deliverance room on that day. As we were praying for her, she received the baptism of the Holy Ghost with evidence of speaking in tongues. Meanwhile, her Church does not believe in speaking in tongues so they don’t encourage it. This is one of the errors prevalent in the Church today. Thereafter, the Sister left her denomination and changed her name to Glory and she was completely transformed. Within a year, she experienced marvelous restorations; she got a good job and while still working, she opened her own pharmacy after which she got married to a missionary from Ghana.

In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, God’s son, I bind every strongman that has hindered the glory of God from being revealed in your life and command him to loose his hold over your destiny right now! You have a wonderful inheritance. You are blessed beyond curse. Celebrate Jesus.


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