It is not every open door that is God’s door. A lot of things people call opportunity today is nothing but leprosy. When they collect the opportunity, they are gone. They inadvertently walk into traps that the devil sets while they are being hailed. Some appointments are actually disappointments. We must be very careful. Why did Jesus escape? He knew exactly what he was doing, he knew what his call was. He said, my meat is to do the will of him who has called me and to finish it. Anytime you major on minor issues, you will not be able to cope with the real thing when confronted.

The devil knows how to make people dissipate energy. There is physical energy and there is spiritual energy. Anytime you are walking in dissipation, you will not be able to confront the enemy in the end because power is focus, that is why the devil uses the weapon of distraction. Some of the things he uses to distract people are legitimate. Sometimes, time can be a distraction. I was invited to minister to a group of women that I love so much and love being in their midst but they gave me a limited time. Meanwhile the Holy Spirit wanted to move in that meeting. The fire of his presence was already building up in me but it was getting to the end of the time allotted me. The Holy Spirit wanted to address some issues in the lives of the people but at that point, they passed a piece of paper to me indicating time up. People no longer want to stay in the presence of God; they prefer a one-hour service. This is the reason why a lot of Churches today are filled with all manner of problems. People walk into the Church tied and bound and they go back home the same way they came. They are satisfied with being identified as a member of the Church. There is a general call and there is a specific call. What has God called you to do? Make sure that you fulfil it because there is going to be a lot of distractions. Power is focus. Anything that distracts you is attacking your power base.

2. Connection. Do you know that the greatest way to be disconnected is through distraction? That is one of the reasons why the devil dangles things at Christians. Such Christians call it opportunity to make money. You need to be careful. Your motive is of utmost importance. Anytime you are disconnected, the flow stops. The bad thing about disconnection is that when the flow is no longer there but because you are carrying a title, you will still try to manifest. That is when people begin to lay hands without fire and instead of releasing the pure fire of the presence of God, the strange fire in the person they lay hands on jumps into them. This is one of the ways through which people collect spiritual leprosy.

May you never disconnect from the source. Any river that is disconnected from the source will dry up. If you remove a whistling kettle from fire, it will remain hot for a while but as soon as it gets cold, insects can move on it. But as long as it is still on fire and whistling, flies dare not go near it. That is the way it should be. The fire of the presence of God flows by connection. That was why Jesus Christ was addicted to his father’s presence. After ministering, he withdrew immediately to be in the presence of God. Never you minister above your fire dimension. Every man of God must be addicted to the presence of God otherwise they will become irrelevant. That is why it does not make sense for a man of God to abandon the pulpit in pursuit of other things. If you don’t spend quality time in God’s presence, you will become cold. If the Son of God will run to the presence of God regularly before going out to minister and after ministering, you need the presence of God more. That is how to be a man of God. The moment you disconnect, you cease to be a man of God. I know the number of things that God asked me to drop before I became a minister. There are things you need to drop in order to hold on to God and walk with him. If you spend quality time in the presence of God, you will not have time to do other things that are capable of removing you from his presence.


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