Sunday service


Psa 40:5, “Many, O LORD my God, are thy wonderful works which thou hast done, and thy thoughts which are to us-ward: they cannot be reckoned up in order unto thee: if I would declare and speak of them, they are more than can be numbered”.

Pray –

  • Lord, even if my mouth becomes a thousand tongues multiplied by a million, I can never thank you enough for many are the wonderful things you have done, they are innumerable. Thank you Lord, in Jesus’ name.
  • Thank you for your divine interventions in my life. Many times when the enemy had concluded things in the realm of the spirit waiting for them to happen, Lord, you have always intervened and thereafter, the entire programme of hell was completely nullified. Thank you Lord, in Jesus’ name.
  • Thank you Father for always bringing to nothing every scheme and device of the enemy. You specialize in deprogramming every programme of hell concerning me. Thank you so much for the love you have for me. I give you praise in Jesus’ name.
  • Thank you for the fresh oil which is producing results; abundance of testimonies in the lives of our members. Thank you Lord, blessed be your name. Thank you for satisfying our mouths with your goodness.
  • Thank you for leading, lifting and blessing us. Thank you, Lord, for the power of your outstretched hand opening doors for us, lifting us and not allowing our foes rejoice over us.
  • Thank you for frustrating every token of hell, fighting for us and giving us victories after victories. Thank you for giving us comprehensive dominion over darkness.
  • Thank you for rolling away every seal of limitation, shattering barriers and giving us sweatless victories.
  • Lord, we can never thank you enough. We appreciate you. We adore you. You are worthy to be praised, worthy to be glorified, worthy to be magnified. Thank you so much, blessed be your precious name.
  • Thank you, Lord, for only you are worthy to be praised. You saw us through difficult moments. You are our Rock and fortress.
  • Thank you for not allowing us to mourn, grieve or sorrow. You did not allow us to borrow, Lord it is your doing, it is marvelous in our eyes. You supplied all our needs, meeting us at the very point of our need; satisfying us with the goodness of your house. Thank you for answering us by awesome deeds in righteousness.
  • Praise awaits you, O God, in every facet of our lives. Accept our praise and thanksgiving. Thank you faithful God, only you are worthy. May your name be praised and adored in Jesus’ name.


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