True worship transforms you and gives you the heart of God; you will love what he loves and hate what God hates. You don’t teach obedience to those who are in love with God. You don’t teach holiness to a worshipper. You don’t teach a worshipper to work in God’s vineyard. For a worshipper, work is worship. Worship is not what you do but what you live. It is your lifestyle.

Pray –

  • Lord, please help me to understand you better. Make me a true worshipper in the mighty name of Jesus. Help me to be one of those who will worship you in spirit and in truth.
  • O God, I ask that my investments in your kingdom will be worthy of your reward in the name of Jesus.
  • Help me. Deliver me from unnecessary dissipation. Deliver me from self. Help me to be full of you in the name of Jesus. 
  • Remove every trace of vengeance, bitterness, animosity, resentment, malice and strife from my heart. Give me a right spirit, the spirit that loves you above all, a spirit that trembles at your presence, a spirit that elevates my relationship with you above all else in the mighty name of Jesus.
  • Open my eyes, give me understanding of what it means to be a true worshipper. All the days of my life, may I worship you in spirit and in truth.
  • Grant that the work that I do in your kingdom will count for me in the name of Jesus. Thank you blessed Lord, I give you all the glory in Jesus’ name.

We are called to be healing agents in a sick world. Remember that the battle is the Lord’s. Learn to hand over the battles to God. If you change your mode of warfare to worship and praise and just hand over the battle to God, you will see results. Use the word of God to pray, you cannot pray amiss if you are in the word.

The greatest level of spiritual warfare is strategic positioning, position yourself. You cannot fight the battle on your own. God said he will plague our enemies, ensure that there is no bitterness in your heart and allow God to take over. The beauty of this level of spiritual warfare is that you will have the opportunity to lead the enemies to Christ and they will become part of the stars on your crown. God knows how to set a table for his children in the presence of their adversaries.

Psa. 112:10 says, “The wicked shall see it, and be grieved; he shall gnash with his teeth, and melt away: the desire of the wicked shall perish”. Let’s get into this dimension. Spiritual warfare is real but very sweet when you become a worshipper. May the Lord make you a worshipper in Jesus’ name.

  • Lord, I hand over all my battles to you and ask you, O God of Israel who knows no defeat, to fight for me. Destroy every machination of the wicked. Cut them off in the name of Jesus.
  • Grant that the enemy will never have anything to celebrate concerning the destinies of my children. Thank you blessed Lord, give me victories after victories in Jesus’ name. Amen!

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