There is absolutely nothing the devil has done that should keep you down. The fact of the resurrection is the greatest blow received by the kingdom of darkness. When you celebrate the resurrection of Christ, the kingdom of darkness panics because they know that you have the revelation. The revelation of his resurrection will always keep you above the enemy no matter how, where, or when he decides to attack, just tell him ‘he arose’. In him, we are more than conquerors, nothing can hold us down not even death is strong enough to hold us down. Death has been swallowed up in victory. Before the resurrection, Lucifer’s greatest weapon was the leviathan head of death and that was what Jesus shattered on the cross.

Anytime you want to go into the presence of God, remind yourself of the fact of his resurrection and celebrate it greatly. That is what makes Christianity a living faith. Christianity is not a religion, no, Christianity is a living faith. It is a relationship with someone who is alive and well; the incarnate Word, the Word that was in the beginning. The word that brought the world into existence. The creator, the essence of our being. When you fall in love with this Word, it becomes part and parcel of you and then Christ will be manifest in every area of your life. That is what Christianity is all about. I pray that the blessings of his presence will abound in your life in the name of Jesus. Soon, whenever you are called upon to manifest; you will manifest the glories of his presence. That is the only way that the world will acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord. It is part of our evangelism mandate. You need not wait for Sunday in order to manifest your relationship with Jesus; it should be what you live moment by moment, every day of your life. That is the best life to live.

A life without Christ is tasteless and worthless. This is because Jesus is the Lord, Jesus is the way. Anyone who misses Jesus has missed the way. Anyone who misses Jesus misses life because he said, “… I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly” John 10:10B. The consequence of missing Christ can be very tragic. I believe that the greatest tragedy is facing eternity without Christ. I strongly believe that the greatest tragedy is to go to a Christless grave. Whenever I hear about the death of anyone, the only question I ask the relatives of the person is, in the person’s lifetime, did he or she come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ? The kind of response I receive from such people presumed to be serious Christians sometimes shocks me. They are not really sure! Some of you have parents and loved ones whom you claim to love so much but you are not sure of their relationship with Jesus. After going through this message, I expect you to reach out to them. Make their Christianity real. I have had series of encounters with Jesus. He is alive. I have had out of body experiences that took me to heaven; so I have perceived the fragrance of heaven. A lot of people perceive Christianity as religion. If you have that mind set, you will miss Christ. Religion is man’s attempt to find the living God. Christianity is the living God’s attempt to find missing man. He did it by showing us the way. Since you have been shown the way, it is your responsibility to locate yourself in it, walk in it, treasure it and celebrate it.


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