• Acknowledge God. Celebrate him. Give him praise, give him honour, adoration for everything he has done; for all his generous provisions and for making you receive this message at a time such as this. It is all because he loves you so much. He does not want you to be caught napping. He wants you to make it. You will make it because of all he has done for you on the cross and because of who he is. He is faithful who has called us.
  • Father, I thank you. I bless and magnify your name. Help me O God to be right at the centre of your will every moment of my life. Help me to be grateful and to walk hand in hand with you so that your purpose may be fulfilled in my life. Help me to be a person who trembles in reverential fear of your presence. Help me to love you more than I love any other thing. Keep me pure. Help me to be pure O Lord in the name of Jesus.
  • Help me to be complete in obedience to the leading and promptings of the Holy Spirit.
  • Help me, O God, to be addicted to your presence. May the joy and glories of your presence increase and multiply in my life in the name of Jesus. Thank you blessed Lord. I depend on you. I declare that I love you. Above all, Lord, help me not to miss heaven. When the trumpet shall sound, grant that I will make it and continue to rendezvous with you in glory in heaven.
  • Help me to invest my life on things that have eternal value. Make it impossible for me to be derailed. Keep me from defilements that are out there.
  • Let the fire of your Holy Spirit burn in my bones. Keep me from evil, keep evil far away from me. Anything that tries want distract me, Lord, let it come under your judgment fire, let it burn to ashes.
  • Help me to tune to the frequency of heaven and establish me in holiness, in righteousness and with wisdom.
  • Holy Spirit, I ask that you fill me afresh with life and power to overflowing. Make me fruitful and let my fruits abide. Thank you blessed Lord; I give you all the glory. I depend on you to finish well and finish strong, in Jesus mighty name I pray. AMEN!

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