Anyone who does not have Christ is in crisis. Having tasted the two lives I can say this authoritatively. The worst thing that can happen to anyone is to face eternity without Christ. In the early seventies when I gave my life to Christ the message was very simple: “Where will you spend eternity? Sinner, repent. Jesus is coming soon, are you ready?” This kind of message continued into the eighties but in the nineties, there was a great departure. The message changed to that of prosperity and inspiration. There is a message that can attract so many people in the world today, but that kind of message cannot challenge you to live right. That wasn’t the message that Jesus preached. Such messages fall in the category of ‘other gospels’. That is not the message that Jesus has called us to preach.

The right message is the one that prepares you for the greatest event that will take place in this generation and we are nearer to that event than you can ever imagine. You need not be a prophet to know that this age is winding down speedily; satanists and the kingdom of darkness know this fact. However the difference in their knowledge and that of an average Christian is that while the kingdom of darkness knows this truth and is preparing, believers are busy chasing other things. There is absolutely nothing happening today that is not as prophesied. The book of Daniel 11:32 says, “And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.”

Pray –

  • Lord, please help me. I need understanding, give me revelation. Holy Spirit, teach me your word and help me to make the most of it. May I never be one of those that will deceived in the name of Jesus.
  • Help me to be on the path of those who will do exploits in your kingdom in this end time. Help me to align with you so that your purpose may be fulfilled in every facet of my life. I depend on you. I look up to you from whom all blessings flow. Thank you heavenly Father. Open my heart to your word and open your word to my heart. I receive your word in Jesus name.
  • Holy Spirit, you are my teacher, guide me, instruct me, counsel me and lead me. Supernaturally empower me. Help my weaknesses. Thank you precious Holy Spirit, I depend on you in Jesus name.


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