1. The dispensation of Innocence cont’d.
    In the dispensation of innocence, man was innocent – ignorant of good and evil. At that time, God usually came down in the cool of the evening to have fellowship with Adam and Eve. Parents, be careful of how you train your children. If a perfect man whom God lavished so much love and attention on took God for granted, think of how an imperfect man would react! Adam was never a worshipper. There was never a place where he showed appreciation to God. Before anyone can disobey your instructions, that person must have taken you for granted.

    I have observed that children who are raised by parents who over pamper them with affection have one thing in common – ingratitude. They almost always take their parents for granted. That is one of the reasons why the world is upside down today. One of the worst periods to raise children is now! One of the signs of the last days as enumerated in 2 Tim. 2 is that many will be lovers of themselves more than lovers of God. Today, you have children who know their rights but not their responsibilities. You have children who are raised to have entitlement mentality. It is stated clearly in that scripture that children will be disobedient to their parents. Many of the cases involving children’s disobedience to their parents would have been nipped in the bud.

    There are two paths to wisdom which you can also call two ‘Ms’ to wisdom – the first is mentorship which is the best. What took me about fifty years to learn, I can hand over to my son in less than thirty minutes. It is the shortest and the best. That is why children who follow the footstep of their parents religiously always supersede them; they inherit generational blessings. The obstacles that hindered their parents cannot debar them from reaching their goals in life. The second M is mistake. Any child who rejects parental instructions and guidance has welcomed mistake. The painful thing is that mistake is a bad teacher. Pro. 8:33 says, “Those who refuse me show that they love death (TLB)”. This scripture is talking about wisdom. Whoever rejects wisdom has invited death. Some parents pride themselves as those who don’t spank their children! You cannot be wiser than God. Who were the actors in the dispensation of innocence? Adam and Eve. God gave them an instruction which they couldn’t keep. The failure of Adam actually began when he failed to appreciate God. Parents, beware! If you observe any trace of ingratitude in your child, don’t condone it. Ingratitude is the first indication that that child has derailed. Adam was not a worshipper. Worship simply means “worthship” – placement of value. What you fail to value you cannot pay attention to and what you fail to pay attention to will take a walk from you and gravitate to anyone who gives it attention.

Heavenly Father I ask you to search my heart and destroy any trace of ingratitude in me and make me a true worshipper in spirit and truth. Deliver me from the spirit that walks in the children of disobedience in Jesus name. Amen.


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