3. The Dispensation of human government cont’d.
The truth side of God hates sin and still judges it. We are meant to be enforcers of righteousness here on earth failure of which a lot of people may get confused. What did Apostle Paul do to Elymas the sorcerer who was trying to confuse the governor while Paul was preaching? He decreed blindness on him and the man went blind for a season. There is need to checkmate people so that their misbehavior do not become the norm. When people fail to recognize this nature of God, they tend to rationalize and condone evil. Evil is self generating and self perpetuating. God decided to judge sin. But there was a righteous man that was doing the will of God, that man was Noah. Jesus likened his second coming to the time of Noah. People were busy doing their business; buying and selling, marrying and given in marriage. God spoke to Noah and gave him specifications on how to build an ark. Noah was obedient. I challenge you; start building your own ark, I’m building mine because this generation will soon wind up. Soon, it will be time up! While Noah was building the ark, people were busy chasing other things. They even called him names and laughed him to scorn. It is so easy to derail from the purpose of God and start operating Babylon principles.

Today, we have Babylon principle all over the place, the structure of Babylon is all over the place even in the religious space. There is buying and selling the Babylon way, business – the Babylon way, politics – the Babylon, and worldly godless institutions. That is the spirit of Babylon, there is no God in it. Those who build the ark must be obedient to the letter. That ark was the ark of safety. When it was time up, the heavens opened and there was torrential rainfall. It rained for forty days and forty nights. As it was raining the ark started floating and going higher and higher and all the things that were built according to the purpose and will of man were submerged. Only eight people, Noah and his family survived. The rapture is going to be a selective encounter, only those who have the ark, only those who are in the ark will remain afloat. Safety is only in the ark, so shall it be. The ark is one of the symbols of the Holy Spirit. Nobody can make it without the presence of the Holy Spirit. May the rapture not take us unawares in the name of Jesus. While other people are busy building castles and other things, it is wisdom to concentrate on building the ark of safety. It is the ark of safety that will take us to our eternal home. 

It is important to note that only eight people survived the second dispensation; Noah and his family. God allowed Noah and his family to continue with the human race. Jesus Christ is our model. He never ran a human government. He said “my meat, what I live for, is to do the will of my Father who called me”. He gave us a powerful model that should guide us. He yielded his will to the will of the Almighty and depended on him in everything he did. He said whatever you see me do is what I see my Father doing – this is divine dependence, doing the will of the Father. The will of the Father, divine dependence and universal benevolence should be our guiding principle in ministry. When you pray – not my will but your will be done, heaven will back you up to ensure that you do not derail. When the people wanted to make Jesus a human king, he escaped. Why? Because that was the will of man and not the will of God. Sometimes, people tend to impose their will against the will of God for your life. There is danger in aligning your will to the will of anyone who is not going in the direction of God.


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