3. The Dispensation of human government cont’d.
In this dispensation, man was given the responsibility to take charge of the earth and to govern it and to be fruitful and multiply. Multiplication goes beyond numerical increase; that was inbuilt in man just like all the other animals. But God wanted and expected man to also multiply in the fruit of holiness, in his nature. Remember that he made man after his own image and likeness. The image and likeness of God in man is not just that man is a free will agent but the image of God in man should also reflect the nature of holiness of God. God is holy and he expects man to increase and multiply in his nature and not only in his nurture – in holiness, in righteousness and in wisdom. But this was where man missed it. He was increasing and multiplying in number but as he was multiplying the adamic nature was also multiplying.

Man was given free will to run his affairs, to form a government but what did he do? Man decided to build a tower (independent of God) that will reach the heavens. That was the beginning of the spirit of ’empire building’. You may want to ask ‘what’s wrong with that?’ Anything that is not yielded to the purposive will of God is a minus. Anything that is not done in line with the purposive will of God cannot be ultimately good. Man is yet to recover from self will and self government. This is where the spirit of Babylon (doing things outside the will of God for self aggrandizement) emanated. It is the principle of human structures, human government, human institutions, human edifices without God. It is the self willed nature, the signature of ‘I can do all things; through me that strengthens me’.

Today, there are so many edifices and institutions that are Godless. The principle of democracy is rooted in Babylon – the government of the people by the people for the people, power belongs to the people! All power belongs to Jesus. The strongman behind the tower of Babel was Nimrod. What we have today is strongman instead of strong godly institutions. There was no looking up to God from whom all blessings flow. Anything that bears a godless signature cannot end well. Man got so entangled and carried away with building, with self government that he drifted from the will of God. Before long, man began to multiply in wickedness, cruelty, violence, evil, corruption, and in terrorism instead of multiplying in holiness, in righteousness and in the wisdom of God. Man’s will in union with the will of the snake is the greatest problem of man right from the first dispensation, to the second dispensation and through the third dispensation. When man became so consumed with his own projects and agenda and wickedness began to multiply all over the face of the earth instead of righteousness, God decided to judge. The holiness of God hates and judges sin; all unrighteousness is sin.

Man built his own form of religion and began to worship other gods instead of worshipping the living God. The spirit of Babylon is still intact in the world today. Man’s will in union with the will of the snake, contrary to the perfect will of God, is the origin of disobedience. Every evil emanated from that. When God saw that man was copulating in unrighteousness, in wickedness, in violence, in terrorism, in corruption, in homosexuality and in doing all sorts of terrible things that even animals don’t indulge in, God said, ‘time up!’. You may say, but God is love. If you don’t have truth in love, then it is not true love. The foundation of love (that is agape love) is truth. Love that is not built on truth is lust. It cannot be God’s love. God is merciful, yes, but he is also truth. The paths of God are mercy and truth, according to Psa. 25 verse 10.


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