Text:  Psa. 84:1-12

In our previous study of Psalm 121, we established that the Psalm is more of a Psalm of divine connection than protection. The first verse sets the tone of every other thing that follows – it is the verse of the connection. Every other thing that flows from there has to do with the blessings of the connection. The blessings of divine connection are innumerable; they are boundless.

Today, we are looking at Psalm 84. If the Lord is your sun, no power can stop you from shinning; this is because of divine connection. The moon does not have any light of its own. All it does is to align itself along the axis of the sun and everything that is coming from the sun is reflected. Likewise, when the Lord becomes our sun, since we don’t have any light of our own, the light that will reflect is the light of God. The light of God refers to the glory of God, the glory light of God will shine through us all the days of our life and no power can ever withstand the power of the Almighty, no power can withstand his glorious light. In addition, the Lord is also our shield. When you combine the two, you will have comprehensive dominion over darkness.

When the Lord becomes our sun and shield we will have comprehensive dominion over darkness, over the agents of darkness and over the powers of darkness. Wherever we appear, darkness trembles, dissolves and disappears because of the glorious light of God. The glory of God is the greatest defence anybody can have. When God’s glorious light is with you, you are covered. The glory shall be a defence for you. Your safety is assured. There is no protection that is superior to the protection of the presence of God.

Safety is not the absence of danger it is the presence of God in the midst of it. When God’s glory is with you, you are divinely comprehensively insured. No evil shall come near you; no harm shall come near your dwelling. Any evil power that comes near you will dissolve and disappear. You need not lift a finger. Victory is guaranteed. Dominion is ensured. Before you cry out for help, the answer will come.

If the Lord is your sun and shield, before long, you will start receiving songs. And when you begin to receive songs, it means that the Lord has fought and won for you. It means that you will no longer struggle to have dominion. It will become your natural predisposition, you will have sweatless victories. The kingdom of darkness will see you and tremble. Your presence will make demons uncomfortable and they will begin to manifest the glory of God.

When the glory of God is with you, when the Lord is your sun and shield, the kingdom of darkness will recognize it from afar and will tremble. There is an anointing that is called the dread anointing, receive it in Jesus name. The environment in which we operate is a very wicked environment, you need the glory shield. You need the fire of God’s presence to break into the enemy territory, take back what belongs to you and come out unscathed. When the fire of the presence of God envelopes you, miracles will begin to happen supernaturally without your having to say a word. This is because you are a carrier of the very presence of God.

Pray –

  • Lord, I ask you to be my sun, I ask you to be my shield in the name of Jesus. Let your glory be with me. May your glory never depart from me all the days of my life. Make me a carrier of your presence in the name of Jesus.
  • Make me a carrier of your power; make me a carrier of your glory. Anywhere I appear, let darkness tremble, let darkness dissolve and disappear. Let your glory be revealed and let Jesus be magnified, in Jesus name. Amen.


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