It is amazing, anytime we call on the fire, the fire comes. The Holy Spirit tells you that he is there.  I was listening to Benny Hinn, he said that they were watching Kathryn Kuhlman minister, and she was floating in the Holy Ghost. He said that she didn’t know because her eyes were closed. Unknowingly, she stepped out of the edge of the altar and was literally walking on air. Miraculously they watched her walk back to the altar. Let’s celebrate God, no manner of sickness can withstand this realm. It is not everybody that can get there. The fire that is in Holy Ghost fellowship is not an ordinary fire, it is a pure fire. Somebody once told me that there is fire everywhere. Yes, there is strange fire, and there is pure fire. Pure fire is rare, the only place you can find pure fire is in the Holy Ghost. The greatest vaccination you need is the presence of God, let nobody kid you.

According to Prov 4:22, the beautiful thing about the word of God is that it is health to those who have found it. I read the testimony of Derek Prince, how he was sick and doctors had tried everything and it was getting worse, until he turned to the bible and saw Proverbs 4:22. The word of God is health. What did he do? He started eating the word of God like food. Three times a day. That was how he got healed. There is healing in the word. I said it that you don’t need anyone to pray for you to get healed if you discover the word of God. The word of God is life, He sent His word and he healed them (Psalm 107:20). Our walk with God according to his terms, guarantees us everything we need to have in life for comprehensive success, to be protected, shielded, provided for, prosper, and to succeed in the true sense of it. Sickness and disease will be far away from us. To walk in perfect health, the word of God will guide you to think right, talk right, eat right, abstain from food when fasting causing the body to undergo self-cleansing so that the spirit man takes over and the flesh is subdued.

The word of God has everything you need for your comprehensive well-being. There is no better life. The more I come closer to God, the more I realize that there is no better life than the life that is lived in line with the revealed will of God as enunciated in His word. It is unfortunate that many Christians think that there is something out there, so they are neither here nor there.  God does not take them seriously, God cannot commit deep things into their hands. God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him. Not the rewarder of everybody. True disciples of Christ are disciplined followers of Christ. I was telling my brother today about the mystery of surrender. The only one the Holy Spirit can guide is the one who has surrendered. There are things this fire will have to judge. I want you to ask God to draw you closer to Him. The closer you come, the more you feel the fire.


  • Heavenly Father, graciously help me to align my will to your will. Help me to align every area of my life to your word in the name of Jesus. Help me to surrender to your will, so that your perfect will may be manifest in every area of my life. Deliver me and help me to seize from struggle. Grant me the grace to surrender completely to your Spirit. Be my guide Holy Spirit and make me the best you want me to be in Jesus name. Amen.


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